12 gifts of christmas pricetag

in case you were thinking about going traditional in your gift-giving this year, the 12 gifts of christmas will cost you $21,465.56 this year.

1 partridge in a pear tree          $159.99
2 turtle doves                              $55.98
3 french hens                               $45.00
4 calling birds                             $599.96
5 golden rings                            $499.95
6 geese a-laying                         $150.00
7 swans a-swimming                $5250.00
8 maids a-milking                          $58.00
9 ladies dancing                        $5473.07
10 lords a-leaping                     $4413.61
11 pipers piping                        $2284.80
12 drummers drumming            $2475.20

source: pnc.

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  1. says

    Interesting. I wonder how they figure the prices on some of those things. It would be some livestock to care for after the holidays. At least the dancers, drummers and leapers could go. Thanks for sharing.

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