3-Day Business Guide Book Sale

For the next 3 days, a 72-hour Unbelievable Sale will be live featuring 23 On-line Business Guides for $97. And while Internet Business interests only a small percentage of you, if it is included anywhere in your hobbies, interests, or dreams, you will benefit greatly from this sale. If not, don’t worry, we have another fantastic post on living with less lined up to run later this week.

But on a personal note, I continue to be amazed at the depth of relationship that can be found on-line. It is one of the most unexpected joys of blogging. If you blog, I encourage you to begin interacting with other bloggers in your niche through comments, linkbacks, twitter, and email. I regret not starting sooner.

Consider the fact that one year ago (or even nine months ago), I did not know any fellow bloggers. Today, I interact with others on a daily basis through the above mentioned means. Because of these interactions, there are literally dozens that I now consider friends. So much so, that if one of them needed immediate help, I would not hesitate to suspend all planned activities for that day to be there for them. The bond has become that great.

So when Karol Gajda and Adam Baker told me they were organizing a 72-hour e-book sale consisting of contributions lfrom fellow minimalist bloggers and others, I told them I couldn’t wait to help promote it. After all, I have read many of the e-books that are included in the package and can vouch for their quality and content. In many ways, everything I know about blogging I have learned from these contributors. And because of that, I look forward to reading some of the others.


For the next three days (Monday at 10am EST – Thursday at 10am EST), 25 blogging experts have come together to offer 23 courses/e-books/guides in one unbelievable package for only $97. If bought separately, the 23 products total a retail value of $1052. But for the next three days, you can find them all in one location for one low price. If you’ve been debating the purchase of even one of these products, now seems like the perfect time to jump in. As an added incentive, know that $5 from every sale will go to Charity:Water.


The deal can be found by clicking right here. Note: You will be redirected to the 72 Hour Niche Sale Website.


That’s a great question. Here is the line-up:

1. Unconventional Guide to Working For Yourself by Chris Guillebeau ($79).

  • Unconventional Guide to Working For Yourself (53-page PDF)
  • 3 25-minute of audio teaching sessions
  • SEO Report (26-page PDF)

2. The Essential Motivation Handbook by Leo Babauta & Eric Hamm ($15).

  • The Essential Motivation Handbook (PDF)

3. Minimalist Business by Everett Bogue ($47).

  • Minimalist Business – Upgraded “Minimalist Plan” Version (PDF)
  • 30-Day Quick Start Guide

4. Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead ($47).

  • Reclaim Your Dreams – “Everything Package” (70-page PDF)
  • “I’m Serious About Action” Worksheets

5. True Strengths + The Metrics of Ease by Danielle LaPorte ($20).

  • True Strengths + The Metrics of Ease – Sample Chapter from the Fire Starter Sessions (PDF)
  • Video:  The Metrics of Ease
  • Video:  The Merits of Self-Centered
  • Worksheet:  Passion Play
  • Worksheet:  Very Strong Priorities

6. Upsell 101 by Naomi Dunford & Dave Navarro ($77).

  • Normally only available to buyers of How to Launch the S*%& Out of Your eBook
  • 78-minute audio coaching session
  • 11 Upsell Worksheets (PDF & DOC)

7. Websites That Sell Webinar by Laura Roeder ($47).

  • Normally available only to buyers of Zero to Website course
  • Special access to 1-hour Webinar

8. Guest Posting Guide by Chris Garrett ($17).

  • Special access to Guest Posting Info membership site
  • Downloadable Guest Posting Workbook (PDF)
  • “Kick start” video
  • Guest posting checklist and flowchart

9. 3-Day Money by David Risley ($47).

  • 14 Video presentations (2.5+ hours)
  • Full written transcripts for each lesson (PDF)
  • Audio files for each lesson (MP3)
  • Step-by-step Worksheet

10 & 11. Email Triage + 2011 Premium Planners by Charlie Gilkey ($32).

  • Email Triage (PDF)
  • Guided Audio Program (MP3)
  • 2011 Premium Action Planners
  • 2011 Premium Freelancer Planners
  • 2011 Premium Blog Planners

12. Location Independent Lifestyle Guide by Lea Woodward ($37).

  • Location Independent Lifestyle Guide – 2nd Edition (82-page PDF)
  • Do-It-Yourself Design & Branding Guide for Bootstrapping Businesses (78-page PDF)

13. Zero to Business by Johnny B. Truant.

  • Special membership to full Zero to Business course
  • 30+ screen-capture tutorial videos
  • Step-by-step screenshot technical instruction

14 & 15. Write for the Web + Beyond Bricks and Mortar by James Chartrand ($54).

  • Write for the Web (89-page PDF)
  • Beyond Bricks and Mortar (47-page PDF)

16. How to Live Anywhere by Karol Gajda ($97).

  • How to Live Anywhere – Long Haul Edition (58-Page PDF)
  • Anatomy of a 4 Figure Affiliate Promotion (PDF)
  • 10 Audio Interviews (MP3)
  • How To Live Anywhere Audio Series (8 MP3s)
  • “Create Freedom” Teleseminar (Video)

17. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners by Corbett Barr ($77).

  • Special access to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – “Complete Course”
  • 5 Core Teaching Modules
  • 21 Affiliate Lessons
  • 2 Profitable Case Studies

18. Beyond Blogging by Nathan Hangen ($47).

  • Beyond Blogging (200-page PDF)
  • 15 Blogger Case Studies
  • “100k Blueprint” Summary

19. Smalltopia by Tammy Strobel ($27).

  • Smalltopia: A Practical Guide to Working for Yourself (156-page PDF)

20. Guest Post Secrets by Erica Douglass ($77).

  • Special access to Guest Post Secret membership site
  • 3 core Guest Post training videos
  • Full transcripts for each video (PDF)
  • Email Scripts
  • Bonus Videos: Online Workshop Recording & How to Deal with Rejection

21. How to Network Fast by Jade Craven ($44).

  • The Guest Posting Mini-Guide (PDF)
  • The Twitter Mini-Guide (PDF)
  • The Blog Commenting Mini-Guide (PDF)
  • The Affiliate Mini-Guide (PDF)

22. Networking Awesomely by Colin Wright ($20).

  • Networking Awesomely (PDF)

23. Article Marketing Traffic Booster by Henri Junttila ($47).

  • Article Marketing Traffic Booster (110 -page PDF)
  • 6 How-to Videos
  • Bonus Audio Affiliate Interview
  • 3 Content Worksheets

Again, because of the specific niche of this sale, I realize that it interests only a small percentage of you. But if any of the preceding on-line business books peaks your interest, you can purchase them individually by clicking through above. Or, you can purchase them all for $97. Not a bad deal if you ask me… and the reason for this post (and the affiliate link opportunities are also helpful).

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