3-Day Minimalist Book Sale

For the next 72 hours,, the 3-Day Minimalist Book Sale will be live.


For the next three days (Monday at 10am EST – Thursday at 10am EST), 13 minimalist authors have come together to offer 17 courses/e-books/guides in one unbelievable package for only $27. If bought separately, the 17 products total a retail value of $224.54. But for the next three days, you can find them all in one location for one low price. If you’ve been debating the purchase of even one of these products, now seems like the perfect time to jump in.


A few months ago, Karol Gajda contacted a number of bloggers via e-mail asking them to come together for one giant event. Karol is releasing a new e-book today titled The Luxury of Less in which practical advice offers insight into the “five rings” of minimalism (health, wealth, relationships, experiences, void). To help with the launch, Karol wanted to do something big. He wanted to offer something that has never been offered before. And the 3-Day Minimalist Book Sale was born.

Personally, I have decided to contribute for three reasons:

  1. It’s good publicity. (And I always welcome new publicity).
  2. It makes me proud to be part of something this big.
  3. It’s a good opportunity to get Simplify into peoples’ hands. My hope when writing the e-book was to inspire people to declutter their home and life. To date, it has been read thousands of time by thousands of people. Hopefully, through the 3-Day Minimalist Book Sale, it will inspire a thousand more.


The deal can be found by clicking right here. Note: You will be redirected to the sale page on Karol’s website.


I’m glad you asked. Here you go:

1) Leo Babauta’s The Simple Guide To A Minimalist Life. Regular price: $9.95. The leading blogger on the planet offers the leading book on minimalism. In classic Leo-style, he offers useful chapters on different problems that people will face on their journey to a more minimalist life.

2) Adam Baker’s Unautomate Your Finances: A Simple, Passionate Approach To Money. Regular Price: $17.00. A comprehensive approach to help you get back in control of your finances, rather than the other way around. Adam has found internet stardom by sharing his own story of getting out of debt and helping others do the same.

3) Everett Bogue’s The Art of Being Minimalist. Regular Price $17.00. Everett embraced minimalism so that he could quit his 9-5 job in order to live and work from anywhere. In his first e-book, he writes about his journey and the lessons learned to help his readers accomplish the same. On a personal side note, this is the work that inspired me to write Simplify.

4) Tammy Strobel’s Smalltopia: A Practical Guide To Working For Yourself. Regular Price: $27.00. Tammy’s newest ebook (released August 31) centers around her goal of equipping others to work for themselves. Having made the decision herself, she knows firsthand what it takes to make the step. But that doesn’t stop her from getting contributions from 14 other bloggers who have made the same decision.

5) Tammy Strobel’s Simply Car-free: How To Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life. Regular Price: $9.95. If you’ve ever thought about ditching your car and saving $5,000-7,000/year, this e-book may be the only extra motivation you need. Living in Portland, Tammy and Logan made the decision to ditch their vehicles years ago… and have never looked back.

6) Joshua Becker’s Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life. Regular Price: $9.95. A thought-provoking, enjoyable read to help you begin enjoying a simple new life. I share the 7 most important lessons that we learned during our journey towards minimalism to help others do the same.

7) Charley Forness’s You, Simplified Handbook. Regular Price: $5.00. Charley’s wrote this book based on his personal experience. It is short and sweet, with real down to earth strategies. There is no fluff, there is no sugar coating, there is just what Charley did to successfully simplify his life.

8) David Damron’s Simple. Minimalist. Life. Version 2.0 Deluxe Edition. Regular Price: $27.00. David’s goal with the Simple. Minimalist. Life. (and subsequent e-books) is to help you not just clean out the closet, but free you from the constraints of chaos.

9) David Damron’s Project M-31: Simplify Your Life In 31 Days. Regular Price: $15.

10) David Damron’s Minimalism: 7 Steps To A Simpler Life. Regular Price: $4.95.

11) David Damron’s Simple Health & Fitness. Regular Price: $9.95.

12) Annie Brewer’s The Minimalist Cleaning Method. Regular Price: $9.95. Annie details proven techniques to make house cleaning easier, faster, and even cheaper by getting more work/progress done with less cleaning supplies than most folks use now.

13) Meg Wolfe’s Minimalist Cooking – Take Back Your Kitchen. Regular Price: $4.95. Meg, of the Minimalist Cook, prides herself on kicking the marketer out of the kitchen and letting the cook back in. Her beautifully-illustrated and super-helpful cookbook accomplishes that very goal.

14) Sam Spurlin’s Living The Simpler Life. Regular Price: $9.95. Geared toward those beginning their minimalist journey, Sam breaks down living a minimalist life into 8 key practices and gives the reader tools and ideas to apply each practice.

15) Brett Oblack’s Consume Less, Create More. Regular Price: $9.95. Brett offers thoughts and tips on how to embrace minimalism and how to channel all of that extra minimalist freedom into creating art you are proud to call your own.

16) Henri Junttila’s Passionate Living Guide. Regular Price: $27.00. A full-blown course that’ll take you by the hand, and point you in the right direction to help you pursue your passion by doing what you love.

17) Karol Gajda’s The Luxury of Less Special Edition. Regular Price: $9.99. Karol’s brand new e-book (discussed above) will be available in PDF format for these three days only. After the 3-Day Minimalist Book Sale is complete, it will only be available via Kindle and Print Form. So get it now by purchasing the bundle.

If any of the preceding minimalist books peaks your interest, you can purchase them individually by clicking through above. Or, you can purchase them all for $27. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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  1. Nicole says

    I just bought mine too. I already had yours Joshua :) Fabulous opportunity, thanks so much. I can’t wait to get some quiet to start going through them all. So much to read – true value for money. Brilliant!!!!

  2. Rex says

    I just purchased the book sale combo pack and I must say I really like it; I was able to get the five books that were on my eventual to-get list for a great price, with the others thrown in as a bonus, too. One question, though: I received all the books except the Passionate Living eBook; I only received the Passionate Living Update echapters, and not the whole 92-page eBook. Is there some way to remedy this? The actual for sale page has comments disabled, so I can’t ask over there. :/

    Overall, though, I’m still rather pleased; I’m just looking forward to reading the Passionate Living eBook, too. :)

  3. Rudy says

    Great opportunity to get these minimalist books.
    But I just want to understand if these are e-books or paper books.

  4. says

    I’d like to buy these e-books, but when I had tried to click on “Get access now” I was redirected to e-junkie and so redirected to paypal that returns the following error: “Internal Server Error”.

    Any tips? :-)

  5. says

    I had so many of these on my To-Buy list!!! I’m SO glad that they were made available at such a great price! I could kiss you all for doing this. I just bought the set, and I’m looking forward to settling down with my cup of green tea and absorbing every word!

  6. says

    I just bought mine too yesterday !!

    I have to say I really like the design of The Luxury Of Less. And it seems like Karol writes in an almost different way in the book. The whole writing is very minimalist yet impactful.

    I haven’t go thru everything but if it is true that The Passionate Living Guide is missing I have to go there and download the whole combo again.

    -KC | The Minimalist Guy-

  7. Terry says

    My kid’s are buying me a Kindle for my birthday. Can these e-books be uploaded (or downloaded, still learning all this computer stuff) to the Kindle?

  8. Terry says

    I just downloaded my books! Thanks to everyone who made this set of books available to us at bargain price. Also, thanks to Renato & Joshua for info on downloading to a Kindle.

  9. says

    This is a big deal and I am happy that I’ve already purchased this amazing set of e-books. Now I have definitely tons of interesting reading for the upcoming winter period, hooray!

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity!

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