30 dumb inventions

here is a list of 30 dumb inventions as photographed by life magazine. an appropriate alternate title could be “30 more things i’ll never need to buy.” the list includes a motorized surfboard, a cigarette umbrella for rainy days, and illuminated tires for your vehicle.

life magazine’s list of 30 dumb inventions.

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  1. mike towell says

    I’ve googled the illuminated tire photo a half dozen times, and they all link back to the LIFE mag’s “30 dumbest…”. Problem is, it always goes to Time/Life website with a photo of some 60’s bikers….. and no sign of the “…dumbest ideas”. I tried several entries in the sites “search” feature, and it found no hits.
    I’d like to know the make and model of the car with lighted tires, in the original photo I saw.

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