30-minute clutter solution

need a 30-minute clutter control solution?  there’s an app. for that… or at least a website that you can visit.  the good people over at good housekeeping have developed a wonderful tool to help you declutter specific problem areas in your home.  check it out here: 30 minute clutter solution.  it is the first website that i have seen that breaks every room of your house into specific different areas before offering solutions:


i have mentioned earlier my home’s clutter collection sites and was thrilled to see each of them addressed specifically on the good housekeeping site.

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    Thank you for the tips. I am following from Stowe, VT, just a coincidence. I don’t want to be living here or in this state, and only came for a job 2 years ago. I am tremendously surprised to see someone in VT refer to their life as “suburban”! :-) Anyway, I do appreciate reading your posts and am on a huge downsizing, organizing, and ultimately selling the house, journey. We will be packing our suitcases, and treasures we cannot part with for personal reasons. However, once the house, furniture and excess clothing, books, household items are gone, we will be free. Free to live where we want, in a person-friendly city. Yes, CITY! Minimalism to the max with a freedom we will never ever take for granted again.

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