7 Bloggers I Would Like to Publicly Thank

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” – G.B. Stern

If you didn’t get a chance to notice, Becoming Minimalist made a brief appearance on CBS News last week. (Just to be clear, by brief, I mean “fly-by-brief… don’t-blink-brief… and I-think-that-was-it-right?-brief.”). But the interesting thing was that the news story had nothing to do with me. The news story was about Everett Bogue’s minimalist lifestyle of living with less than 100 things. It was entirely about him (and some nice young lady who owns 500 shoe strings).

Everett e-mailed me that afternoon and gave me the head’s-up that Becoming Minimalist might make an appearance on the broadcast. Apparently, they were hoping to show a few screen shots from minimalist-lifestyle websites and Everett had given them this address. When they chose to use it, I sent Everett a private message just to thank him for the extra publicity.

And as soon as I sent him the message, I regretted it…

Everett had just helped this website be seen by 5 million viewers worldwide… and I sent him a private message of gratitude that would be seen by exactly 1 other person? How unfair was that? As I considered the irony of the private message, I was reminded of countless other bloggers who have helped Becoming Minimalist over the years become what it is today… most of which also received private messages of gratitude.

So to help set the record straight, here are 7 Bloggers I Would Like to Thank Publicly:

1. Leo Babauta, Zen Habits. It was Leo’s post titled “A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home” that inspired me to embrace minimalism. It was Leo’s link on August 12, 2009 that helped put this site on the map. He allowed me to introduce myself to his audience with a guest post, “The Lost Practice of Resting One Day Each Week.” And his support for both of my e-books have been extraordinary. His blog was named as Time Magazine’s #1 blog of 2010 and is outclassed only by his humility. Leo, thank you for helping readers find Becoming Minimalist and for being a shining example for all of us.

2. Tammy Strobel. Rowdy Kittens. Tammy’s amazing story hit the nation in grand style on Sunday, August 08, 2010 when it was featured in the New York Times. The following Monday, she was on MSNBC. Tuesday was AOL. Wednesday was the Today Show. And on Thursday of that week, she published an article featuring an interview with me discussing my second book, Inside-Out Simplicity. That interview led to Becoming Minimalist’s busiest day ever. Earlier this summer, Tammy became the first minimalist blogger that I talked to on the phone. I sent her an email with some technical questions. Her response was “Give me a call. Here’s my number.” It was a pleasure. Thanks Tammy for living a minimalist lifestyle and including me in your success.

3. Everett Bogue. Far Beyond the Stars. As mentioned previously, Everett graciously included Becoming Minimalist in his conversations with CBS News. Also deserving of a public thank-you, Everett’s first book, The Art of Minimalism, inspired me to write my first e-book: Simplify (keen observers will notice my book launched 1 month after his e-book launched). Everett has promoted both of my e-books with interviews. And I have learned more about blogging by watching him than from anyone else. Also, I shouldn’t forget to mention the fact that it was Everett’s personal editing of my photo that has led to my on-line face for the past 10 months. Thanks Everett for the publicity, inspiration, and support.

4. Mandi Ehman. Organizing Your Way. Mandi was the first to offer me a guest post opportunity. To be sure, it brought me plenty of new traffic and readers. But more than that, receiving an e-mail from a full-time blogger asking for a guest post gave me unparalleled confidence and inspiration to continue in my blogging journey. Since then, our relationship has continued. When she launched her brand new Life… Your Way blog, I enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to become a regular contributor (to get a taste, check out 10 Minutes to a Clutter-Free Morning). Imagine my surprise months later when I was back-stage waiting to give a presentation to a roomful of preschool mothers on the joys of simplicity and the organizers showed a YouTube video of Mandi organizing her toy room. It was almost too ironic. Thanks Mandi for believing in the ability of a new-blogger and for continuing to include me in your present endeavors.

5. Joshua Griffin. More Than Dodgeball. Years ago, Joshua Griffin taught me the most important lesson about blogging that I have ever learned. He said, “The most important step in blogging is to find your voice.” At the time, I had no idea what that meant… until I found my voice. And now, I both understand and agree. The most important step in being a successful blogger is learning to find your voice. And once you do, you’ll notice it. Thanks Joshua for challenging me to find my voice… even if you don’t remember the quiet guy sitting in the back of the room that evening.

6. Karol Gajda. Ridiculously Extraordinary. One month ago, Karol laid the foundation and did all the legwork for the 3-Day Minimalist Book Sale. Through his brilliant idea, my e-book found its way into 1,600+ new readers’ hands. In addition, through affiliate commissions and other sales, I made $11,000 over the course of those 72 hours. It was my most profitable week by a long-shot. And while the motivation for this blog continues to lie in inspiration rather than monetization, it still feels good to know your hard work is worthy of compensation. Thanks Karol for the brilliant idea and for including me in it.

7. All the Guest Bloggers that have written for Becoming Minimalist. This blog is what it is today because of the fellow bloggers who have supported me and offered me opportunities to connect with their readers. In return, I love offering minimalist bloggers an opportunity to spread their work by guest posting on this site. Because of their contributions, this blog is better. So, a special public thank you to Tammy Strobel, Jeffrey Tang, Daniel Richard, Sam SpurlinBrett OblackLynn FangRobyn Devine, Courtney Carver, Bill Gerlach, Mike DonghiaFaith Janes, and Matt Madeiro. With any luck, this list will continue to grow…

All of us are who we are today because of the foundation laid by others. Who do you need to thank today?

Joshua Becker

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  1. says

    Well, I need to thank you, Joshua. The opportunity to guest post made me do the happy dance for two straight days!! So thanks again for the opportunity and for showing me that minimalism was possible within all the craziness of family life. :-) Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    It was actually that news story that sent me here, so I would also like to thank both Everett Bogue and CBS news. That brief clip has opened me up to a new way of thinking, and it’s already changing me. Thanks to you too, Joshua. I’m really enjoying your blog!

  3. says

    Thank you, Joshua. I might have helped, but your blog has grown into a constant source of inspiration and wisdom for many, myself included.

  4. says

    When you first mentioned that I was the first person to offer you a guest posting opportunity, I’ll admit it threw me for a loop. To be clear, I wasn’t intentionally trying to give you a hand up because you already conducted yourself as a professional, “successful” blogger. I just knew you had something to say that my readers needed to hear.

    That said, it has been incredible to watch Becoming Minimalist grow, and I love that it hasn’t lost anything along the way. It’s still real & authentic, which I think is why it continues to capture the attention of so many people!

  5. says

    Joshua – What you’ve done here on Becoming Minimalist is not only shown your readers ways they can improve their lives by embracing a minimalist philosophy, but you also lead by example.

    As a father myself, your articles and insights have shown me that the path towards simplicity can still be followed even with a family. But you haven’t done it simply by writing a few thought-provoking posts, but by walking the walk first. This post is a great example of that.

    Thanks for all the great information you provide, but more importantly, thanks for leading by example.

  6. Rick says

    Your post today is another example of the sincerity that comes through with your writing. You and the people you refer to are the new leaders in the inspirational and motivational genre. One of the reasons you are now important in my life is the life you actually live. Living the talk has always been essential. Previously it was difficult to see on a daily basis that this was the case. Leadership by example provides the answers I seek and you, and those you honor, are definitely in the forefront.
    Thank-you Joshua. I expect you will continue to be successful in your personal life and with the results you desire.

  7. says

    Hey, Joshua, I need to thank YOU! Your June post on “7 New Blogs on Minimalism/Simplicity” still sends me lots of traffic and terrifically interactive readers.

    You are definitely my hands-down favorite Blogging Dad, and I still hope to see you write a guide to simple parenting :)

    • says

      Thanks Meg. I agree: Becoming Minimalist readers are the best!

      And your suggestion cotinues to intrigue me. There is definitely nothing in the works these days, but who knows what’ll happen in the future…

  8. says

    Oh wow! I could write a full post thanking you for the opportunity to guest post on this site. Not only have you helped my blog to grow, but one of my guest posts turned into a full series, and will likely develop into a book.

    More importantly, Thank you for your words of wisdom. Your blog has been an inspiration and connecting with you personally has meant so much. With your help, I am learning more and experiencing more than I ever thought possible.

    So…Thank you Joshua!

  9. says

    Joshua, for starters, I’d like to thank you…

    When I first started reading on minimalism, I found your blog via several of the bloggers you thanked…and found your definition of practical minimalism / simplicity / etc. to be EXACTLY what I was striving toward. As I continue to write, I continue to be challenged and encouraged by you and the host of others you’ve already thanked here today.

    Thanks to you and the community!

  10. says

    My blog arived on the map thanks to guest posts on David Damron’s former site The Minimalist Path and Arvind Devalia’s Make It Happen. Both brought me more traffic and readers than either realized, I think.

    But… I get a LOT of traffic from simply commenting here. Strangely, I’ve never asked for a guest post here, but maybe I should. Maybe I just did.


  11. 1craftynurse says

    I actually saw that CBS story about minimalism and got really excited that something I felt so strongly about was actually being recognized on national television. Congrats!!!

  12. says


    The thanks all goes to you. Becoming Minimalist was one of a few blogs that somehow (I don’t even remember at this point) I stumbled across and immediately it added to an ever-deepening contemplative lens that I look (and experience!) at life through. Your words continue to motivate, inspire and most importantly challenge how I approach each day.

    And the fact that you allowed me the opportunity to guest post and share/connect with your readers speaks to your selfless nature in all this. Thanks for helping create a more vibrant community each day.

    Be well,

  13. says

    Woohoo! A brief blip on the news is good! Hopefully it will create even more traffic for you!
    As far as you list of thank yous, these folks have all been helpful to me as well, but you have also contributed quite a bit to my outlook on life and where I want to go with my life. I am launching a new blog on Monday, Nov 8. I don’t have my own products (yet) but am affiliate for yours and a few others. Check it out if you’d like http://livingthebalancedlife.com!

  14. says

    It is amazing to see the support of this community.

    Joshua I was one of those 1600+ that bought through the 3 day book sale that Karol set up. It was the best money spent in a very long time. I still haven’t finished reading all of the wonderful ebooks. But they inspire me daily.

    Thank you for all you do (and everyone else you mentioned), you really do change lives with your work.

  15. AliR says

    I found this site after watching the segment on CBS, too. Very inspirational. I’ve been wanting to purge a lot in our house anyway…and that gave me the kick in the pants I’ve needed. =)

  16. says

    I love how often I get the warm fuzzies in my chest from bloggers I read. There is something so beautiful about the simplicity/minimalist movement that is creating community and a “we can do it together” mentality. So inspired by it!

    A big thank you to you and everyone else who is pursuing an authentic life of AWESOMENESS :)

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more. I love the culture, but take little responsibility for it. I think it’s just a niche filled with bloggers who have realized there are things more important in life than beating the other person.

  17. Lisa says

    I found your blog through Tammy Stroebel’s blog after seeing and reading her story on MSNBC. I was looking for ways to lead a simpler life that didn’t involve dumpster diving, making furniture out of scrap wood or raising my own chickens. (Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these things, they simply would not be my choice.) When I read your blog, I knew I’d hit on the lifestyle that I’d always wanted and longed for but just didn’t know how to bring about. Ever since, your blog has inspired me. I appreciate how genuine, kind and wise you are. Taking the time to thank others is simply more proof. Keep writing, keep inspiring, keep being inspired. Thank you!


    • says

      The “joy of less” is difficult to find in a world that loudly proclaims “more is better.” Thanks for the kind words. “Wise” might be pushing it a little, but I certainly enjoyed it to my wife. She got a chuckle… I think she because she knows better.

  18. says

    You wrote: “made $11,000 over the course of those 72 hours. It was my most profitable week by a long-shot. And while the motivation for this blog continues to lie in inspiration rather than monetization, it still feels good to know your hard work is worth of compensation.”

    So you want to make the world better and will donate 1/4 of it? ;-)

    Anyway, thanks for the post :)

  19. says

    Hi Joshua,

    I have only recently found you from Everett’s blog, and as you are all so lovely at sharing each others’ sites – I now follow and enjoy many of the minimalist bloggers. You have been a real inspiration to me. It has been great to find like minded people. I really enjoy your blogs and have recently started my own thanks to the great information and advice you all share with others. We have downshifted our life already but now want to go further and embrace minimalism. I think it’s the way forward for a happy life! Love to you all and please keep the great posts coming :-)

  20. says

    Great post! You, too, are quite humble, Joshua. Although I’ve only recently subscribed to Becoming Minimalist, I have been reading your blog since “The Journey Begins” in May of 2008. You are one of several people that I follow and read everyday regarding minimalism, and you, along with Tammy, Leo and Everett, (and every minimalist blogger) are a great inspiration to us all, not only in taking this journey to minimalism but in helping many of us find our own voices to tell our unique stories to the world. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. says

    It was an utter pleasure to guest post, Joshua, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to ‘speak’ to the community you’ve built around your site.

    Thanks again. :) And thanks for letting me speak my minimalism story a good four or so months back, too. That was a turning point in my minimalist journey, and I’m not sure I ever extended my gratitude for that.

    Keep spreading the good word!

  22. says

    Wow – thanks for the kind words, Josh. I’ve gained SO much from your voice, happy/honored to be part of the inspiration that also then benefited me so much! Keep it up! JG

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