7 things – board games

in the spirit of our always-popular “7 things” category, i offer 7 board games in your home that you’ll never play again and should be minimalized today.  the extra space in your closet will thank you.

  1. jenga (fun while it lasted – that one christmas back in 1991)
  2. pictionary (win, lose, or draw went off the air decades ago) 
  3. battleship (was only great when your kid was 9)
  4. chess/checkers (at least the boards that are missing pieces)
  5. backgammon (i don’t remember the rules anymore either)
  6. operation (it’s still too annoying for everyone else in the room)
  7. monopoly (the elvis presley or nascar edition)

any board games you would like to add to the list?

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  1. Christy says

    I would agree with Monopoly – -it takes a minimum of 2 hours to play a game, and my kids can’t keep their focus that long.

    We LOVE pictionary here – we have a daughter with learning issues, and I like that game because it lets both our kids play on an even playing field, ‘cuz she is a terrific artist.

  2. dagmag says

    I’d like to nominate Hi Ho Cherry-O…..can’t tell you how many of those little cherries have been sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Most irritating.

  3. Dasha says

    I love battleship!!!!! And monopoly (not the special editions though)!!! What I should declutter is yatzee, special anniversary collector’s edition… but I’ve had it for 11 years now, so it’s kind of cool.

  4. Milo Priestly says

    Wow, this is hilarious! My family has 6 out of 7 of these. Superbowl monopoly, unused battleship, neglected jenga – you hit the nail on the head. One good checkers/chess set is pretty nice, but the others are sort of novelties.

  5. Catz says

    Monopoly – the interactive edition. It takes up no space and loads more fun. We also have a mini travel edition which actually never gets played with. Maybe if we ever go camping one day…

  6. di says

    My kids give their old games and musical instruments to other kids that are very interested in playing them.

    When it comes to toys and my kids’ stuff, I like to consult with them first.

  7. di says

    Rather than large games, try the travel versions. They’re small and less expensive. They’re easy to take on sleepovers.

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