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“7 things” is an ongoing series here at becoming minimalist where we identify7 things in your home that can be minimalized today. you can see the full list here.

now that the holidays are over, we offer 7 christmas decorations that can be minimalized:

  1. anything large and inflatable in your front yard.
  2. icicle light strings (they are just not that neat anymore).
  3. any nutcrackers over the number of 2 (at some point they just get a little creepy).
  4. this wreath.
  5. those holiday cds you know longer listen to.
  6. christmas window clings.
  7. anything you didn’t put up this year (if you couldn’t find a place for it this year, you’re not going to use it next year).

we took number 7 to heart this year and finally ridded our storage room of christmas decorations that we know longer use.

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  1. Christy Z says

    This list of 7 is subjective – my kids have a nativity set of window clings that they lovingly put up every year.

    This list can really be pared down to one thing – anything outdated or meaningless that stayed in the box. I got rid of 3 boxes of stuff last year and everything that is left is loved and has a place. I get WAY more compliments on my house now, because everything has a story and the house still looks neat.

    Some people feel the need to have every surface and space covered in Christmas and I get CLAUStrophobic (PUN intended!lol).

  2. roxy says

    I decluttered my Christmas stuff a couple of years ago. I gave the large round tree to Goodwill and kept the 7ft skinny tree. I also only keep the ornaments that I still enjoy. Unfortunately I can’t resist the 75% off after-Christmas sales and spent about $4 on new ornaments. Last year’s tree was made to look more adult by only having gold and red balls. I have put all the kid-like and kid-made ornaments away for now. My niece has a tree that is HUGE and they store it in their living room behind the sofa in the corner all year. I’m glad I’m passed that phase!

    • di says

      I used to buy one small decoration per year, but only because I didn’t have many and lived on a small income. They all fit in 2 boxes and that’s plenty.

  3. says

    After carting around way too many boxes of Christmas decos for too long, two years ago I gave myself a limit of two plastic storage boxes of Christmas stuff, including a string of outside lights but excluding the tree stand. My husband loves live trees, as do I, so we don’t have to store a fake one all year. I passed on to my adult kids their personal ornaments and now I actually have a bit of room in the boxes. And because I dislike bright red decorations, I tossed all kinds of cheap looking things people have given me over the years. I now like what I have left and they fit in those two boxes.

  4. says

    That’s funny, Willow, I just separated out my Christmas ornaments into those that are primarily RED since it’s my favorite color. To each their own.

    We’ve never had inflatables or window clings and we didn’t put up any Christmas lights, but our collection of Nutcrackers (all seven of them) stays up year round in my husband’s office. They are souvenirs from a trip to Germany rather than Christmas decorations. I am getting rid of a wreath quite similar to yours though! Too many breakable pieces for a house with four kids–I haven’t hung it up in years.

    I am donating nearly everything I didn’t use this year. A couple things I didn’t use because I wasn’t hosting Christmas dinner (big platter, dessert tray), but will use them again when it’s my turn to host. Some things though I’ve discovered that there just aren’t enough horizontal surfaces to put it all! So out it goes. We are just starting to take down the tree today.

    • di says

      We live in a very poor community. Recently, my neighbor’s kids remarked at our beautiful Xmas tree. So, I gave them some of my decorations. They were so pleased and couldn’t wait to get home to decorate.

  5. says

    wow this makes me glad i don’t have to add holiday decoration to my declutter list since i already got rid of them all. plus don’t plan on buying or using them ever again even when i have a house or kids.

  6. says

    I got rid of most of our holiday stuff this year we now only have 2 storage bins and our tree stand… Growing up my mom had a wreath just like the one listed above… i always thought it was so tacky lol!!!

  7. Caroline says

    “They’re just not that neat anymore” – LOL – that pretty much captures it.

    Maybe I’m a grinch, but I don’t like to decorate for holidays. Better to enjoy other peoples’ efforts!

  8. Annie says

    Oh I’m so glad the ‘wreath’ went bye-bye….LOL!!!

    Holiday decorations are WAY overrated. Yahoo for simplicity and minimalism!

  9. di says

    I like to rotate my decorations so that every Xmas is different, but I do keep a limited amount of only my favorites.

  10. di says

    This year, we’re planning on decorating without a tree. We may string a set of lights around a window or hang a few bulbs on hooks in the window, but that’s all.

    We enjoy each other’s company more than anything.

  11. di says

    From year to year, I like to keep my favorite Xmas cards and create cut-outs for the tree or just use them to decorate a small area. They take up very little space to store and they’re cheerful reminders. I may only keep the front of the card and use the rest for scrap paper as well.

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