7 things – the bathroom

7 things that could be minimalized in your bathroom right now:

  1. reading materials
  2. over-the-counter medicine
  3. make-up
  4. bath toys
  5. cleaning agents/supplies
  6. nonworking appliances (hair dryer/curler, electric razor, electric toothbrush)
  7. bottles of shampoo/conditioner (for some reason there are 8 bottle in my bathroom right now)

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  1. Elizabeth says

    good list – and yay! I don’t have anything on that list to get rid of. 8 bottles of shampoo is quite impressive though. :-)

  2. Dante Iscariot says

    For some reason at my last count there were three or four books by the toilet. I stacked them and put them back in my mother’s room a couple of weeks back, but they found their way back the next day. *Shakes head* It baffles me.

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