7 things – the garage

here is a list of seven things that can be minimalized in your garage today (or this weekend if you prefer).

  1. sporting good supplies
  2. aluminum cans / glass bottles (take them to the redemption center, free up space and get paid)
  3. automobile fluids (be sure to dispose of properly)
  4. scrap pieces of wood
  5. children’s outdoor toys
  6. dirt/leaves (grab a broom.  a clean garage floor is a wonderful feeling)
  7. lawn and garden tools
  8. your automobile (less or smaller – probably takes more than a day but is still worth the effort if your lifestyle accomodates it)

honorable mention:

  • empty boxes
  • plant containers
  • tools

remember – if you live in an area where winter is approaching like me, now is the time to minimalize the garage before the air gets chilly and the snow starts flying.

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  1. says

    De-cluttered the garage the other day. Such a good feeling! I don’t feel so embarrassed when I go in and out of the garage now! We even left the garage door open for a while when we got home and unloaded the bikes!

    Keep up the good work you do on the site!

    Clutter junky trying to change her spots and married to a minimalist

    PS Things I read on your site, and other sites made me think about doing a spend free week during the school holidays. So it has been interesting, and very rewarding!

  2. says

    Nice post — I LOVE having a minimalist garage! Usually, the only item I store out there is my bicycle. At the moment the thing is full of cardboard boxes, and in the boxes are new cabinets and shelving for a home improvement project. It was nice to not have to move things around too much just to have a place to put the boxes.

    (When the contractors are done I plan to take your advice and actually sweep it out… delicious. That hasn’t happened in years.)

  3. says

    You know how minimalist I am? No garage! No garage = nothing to clean out of the nonexistent garage.
    Lol, not by choice. I live in an apartment complex.

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