7 things – the kitchen

just in time for the holiday weekend, i have decided to debut a new series.  “7 things” – where i will choose one area of my house and quickly list 7 things that need to be minimalized.

#1. the kitchen

  1. glassware – how many of those cups/mugs do you really use anyway?
  2. cookbooks – if it’s more than 7 years old and not “your favorite,” clip out the best recipes and discard the book.
  3. the gadget drawer – you know, the one with 5 spatulas…
  4. your countertop – find a new home for your things and remove the clutter from your sight
  5. grocery/plastic bags – save a few and recycle the other 50
  6. your fridge – pull everything out, clean, and be selective about goes back
  7. stockpiled food – donate some of those uneaten nonperishables and clear the cabinets for stuff you really like. 
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  1. joshuabecker says

    i also wanted to add mismatched silverware, mixing bowls, tupperware, and under the sink. but then i would have to rename it “11 things” and i already had that sweet looking 7.

  2. Catz says

    Just given away my microwave and extra dishes (all matching) to my dad, and given the toaster to a charity shop. I have an oven so there really isn’t any need to have a microwave unless it’s for 60 second burgers which, as my bf pointed out, would be missed terribly (burgers not the microwave). Toast can be made under the grill in a couple of minitues and it tasted better. And my kitchen it SO CLEAN!! Lol. Anyone else done this sort of thing?

  3. Michelle says

    I took a few hours a week over several weeks this spring and went through my entire kitchen. I got new dishes (after 20+ years), and wanted to reorganize the cupboards while I was at it. I threw out one trash bag of food so old I was afraid to open it. I took 5 boxes of stuff to Goodwill, and recycled another two bags of old plastic/glass jars, etc.. It was wonderful, and the kitchen is so much easier to use now.

  4. di says

    We never use recipes, because our diet is just whole grains, veges and legumes. We steam veges, make soup or hash. We usually eat from bowls.

    I guess your kitchenware depends upon your diet.

  5. KT says

    My husband saw a new set of pots and pans that he desperately wanted to buy. We each came into our marriage with a full set of pots and pans and I did NOT want a third set (especially when the other two were still serviceable).

    We ended up with a great compromise. He could get the pots and pans, but I got to donate both of the old sets.

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