7 things – the living room

here are 7 things that could be minimalized in your living room today:

  1. books (on the bookcase or in the magazine rack)
  2. old family photos (do you really need 2 photos of your cousin displayed?)
  3. cds/dvds (remove the ones you don’t use and put the remainders in storage out of sight)
  4. decorative items (keeping just the items that you want people to notice will help them get noticed)
  5. entertainment center (remove old components and organize cords)
  6. children’s toys (put them in storage out of sight – “everything gets a home”)
  7. furniture (remove and rearrange – you just may fall in love with the extra space)

do you have anything to add to the list?

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  1. says

    This 7 Things category is brilliant! I’m almost as hooked on your site as I am on StumbleUpon! Great Great Great! Keep up the good work. I can truly apply many of your strategies and good sense to what I need to do to declutter my own home. Thank you for your thought provoking blog.

  2. Catz says

    I have just boxed up all of my DVDs to sell. We’ve discovered Zume on the Xbox, and you can rent or purchase movies and watch them straight away. Over 70,000 titles and new releases. Quite cheap. No rental charges. And best of all – no clutter. Bye bye hard-copies.

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