7 things – the master bedroom

here are 7 things that could be minimalized in your master bedroom today:

  1. clothing (closets, drawers, and shoes)
  2. dresser tops (jewelry, change, receipts, buttons, photos)
  3. your nightstand drawers
  4. old magazines/books (face it – you’re never going to read that article)
  5. throw pillows (a few are decorative, too many is clutter)
  6. your television (consider the benefits)
  7. the junk under your bed

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  1. Jasileet says

    Imagine this! Wall mounted cabinet (possibly Ikea?) with drawers, inside closet hold under things, smaller clothing items. Reading lamps mounted just near the bed. A book under your pillow. A bedroom could be just a bed, duvet and a pillow per person. Or none, if you dare.

  2. Neil Deshpande says

    A few steps further:

    1. A drawer that slides on the floor under the bed. A small one for bedside table duty and a larger one you may need both hands to pull out for blankets, pillows, etc. We have an IKEA Malm bed you could do this to.
    2. A light mounted behind the headboard that bounces light off the wall on to your book. An IKEA fluorescent will do this quite nicely.
    3. All things in an IKEA PAX closet built into the wall. Custom doors painted white to match the walls from 3/4″ MDF. Done.

    You walk into the room and see a bed, that is all.

  3. Patch says

    Cool I’m doing something right, my bedroom is the one almost completely stress- & clutter-free zone right now, my sanctuary, by intention:

    1. All clothing and shoes I actually wear fit comfortably in my huge walk-in closet, neatly arranged. Bathroom linens and small bathroom tools in the closet too, the latter in a few stackable plastic shoebox type covered bins.

    2. Dresser tops = three green leafy potted plants lined up in front of the window like peaceful soldiers; amazing how serene that alone makes the place. Also on the dresser top is my iPod docking station/speaker; and *sigh* a tall yet tidy stack of inspirational books I WILL read, promise

    3. nightstand drawers = empty, using only the top to hold a small TV (that’s usually OFF). I use one small square table for a nightstand (w/ a small lamp ONLY) on one side of the bed, and a favorite antique chair on the other side of the bed

    4. old magazines = N/A, skimmed and recycled as they come through the mail

    5. throw pillows = N/A

    6. television = meh, see #3 I could release it

    7. junk under my bed = N/A

    Wow, maybe I actually have gotten something done!

  4. says

    A TV in the bedroom? Blasphemy! Who needs to watch TV in a bedroom? It’s supposed to be the room where you sleep. We only have one TV in our place and no cable. It’s less stressful, and we don’t waste time (or money) mindlessly watching whatever is on the TV.

    • monica says

      this may be crazy i have them all because i am living in the hostel for years and our bed room aka living room aka kitchen is all in one room (we have common bathroom which sucks for you have to get up early to have quick bath )

    • Kathleen Hemingway says

      We have only one TV as well but it is in the bedroom. My husband likes to watch things as he falls asleep. Provided one has the discipline to leave it off much of the time it’s not a problem.

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