7 things – the toy room


here are 7 things that could be minimalized in your toy room today:

  1. games/puzzles with missing pieces
  2. army men
  3. video game equipment
  4. balls
  5. cars/trucks
  6. toy musical instruments
  7. stuffed animals

honorable mention

  • happy meal toys
  • plastic animals
  • dolls/miscellaneous
  • guns

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  1. says

    *sigh* stuffed animals…. people say they’re fake, but somehow they ARE able to multiply themselves in a very, very rapid pace…. I just don’t get it ;)

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  2. says

    Okay, I’m intrigued…do you have something against toy musical instruments and baby dolls themselves, or are they just possibilities you’ve added to the list?

    For me, I can’t think of a single toy I’d rather my girls play with than their baby dolls. I love to watch them pretend and nurture and practice being mommies! And we love our musical instruments too.

  3. says

    @mandi – i’ve got nothing against toy musical instruments or baby dolls. i am against the number of them that are sitting in my basement. i offered them as possibilities knowing that if my house is anywhere near typical, there is room for minimalization.

    that, and you’ve got to admit, some toy musical instruments can be a bit annoying. :)

  4. Jennifer G says

    I can’t stand kids’ meal toys. I have started giving my son money for his piggy bank in exchange for not ordering a kids’ meal with a toy. And I always threaten retribution for anyone who buys my kids noisy toys :)

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