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“7 things” is an ongoing series here at becoming minimalist where we identify7 things in each room of your house that could be minimalized today.  you can see the full list here.

today, we offer 7 things that can be minimalized from your purse:

  1. gum wrappers
  2. barrets / hair clips / ponytail holders
  3. used kleenex
  4. extra make-up / lipstick
  5. receipts
  6. coupons
  7. pens

honorable mention:

  • extra keys
  • pacifiers
  • crayons
  • stickers/toys

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  1. Christy Z says

    I love your site, but I would love to see less lists and quotes to your own story – photos, personal stories, before and after, decisions of what/how you decided to keep and purge things..

    Just a thought. :)

  2. Laura says

    I have to say, as someone with long hair, an extra hairtie of some sort is essential to most of my days-doesn’t take up much room at all, but when you need your hair out of your way, nothing else will do! The rest of it is very true, though. I need to clean out my purse right now…

  3. says

    @christy z – i am glad to hear that somebody finds my life interesting.

    i have intentionally cut down on the number of personal stories that i write about for three reasons: #1) after we completed the clean sweep through our house, the personal stories got less exciting (i.e. we went through the bathroom again… we removed more clothes… we went to goodwill again…); #2) as this site has grown i realize that only a very small percentage of my reasons know me personally… and assumed that most of my readers were not all that interested in the number of sweaters in my closet (perhaps my assumption was incorrect); and #3) while this site is still about my personal journey into minimalism, it has also become a destination for others to receive encouragement who are just starting (hence the quotes, benefits, thoughts, and lists).

    i am not totally abandoning my personal stories, but i have certainly cut down on their frequency because of the reasons listed above. i do appreciate your comments, christy z – you have been a faithful reader and i thank you.

    • di says

      You’ve spoken many times of everything you discarded.

      I’d like to know how many things you kept, such as the number of sweaters, shirts or pants.

      I’d like to know what people have kept based upon their lifestyles.

  4. says

    @ peter – no minimalist reasoning. it’s just always been my style… online and off. you are not the first to ask, although you are the first here on the blog. thanks for remining me to be careful of long paragraphs.

    • di says

      My daughter does the same, because she doesn’t have a lot of time. My Nexus automatically capitalizes the beginning of every sentence.

  5. Jasileet says

    lowercase lettering is a minimalist style. i do it also.

    as a minimalist girl, i keep a hair tie on my wrist, a cell phone in my front left pocket and a minimalist wallet (two card slots- insurance and visa, a DL window and a slot for cash) in right back pocket, car and house keys in other front pocket.

  6. says

    Thanks for the reminder! My purse is something I keep meaning to clear out, but keep forgetting. It’s pretty minimal already, but I’ve got a few extra pens and old receipts floating around inside!

    @Jasileet, I really like how simple you keep everything!
    ] chloe [

  7. Catz says

    I’d like to swap my normal key lock doors for number lock ones (if I can ever afford it). Or even better, finger print ones… lol. No more keys!! But expensive (although not as expensive as buying new keys and getting the locksmith out).

  8. says

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  9. di says

    I only carry a small wallet, with a credit card, in my hand into a store.

    I do keep a comb in my glove compartment and desk at work.

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