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“7 things” is an ongoing series here at becoming minimalist where we identify 7 things in your home that can be minimalized today. you can see the full list here.

here is a list of 7 things that can be minimalized from your refrigerator:

  1. anything old or expired (that’s an easy one).
  2. condiments (did you know the shelf life of opened ketchup is ony 6 months?).
  3. portion-size packets of sauce from restaurants.
  4. leftovers (eat them for dinner tonight).
  5. non see-through containers (i got mad when my wife brought these home.. now it’s the only thing i’ll use).
  6. anything on the top of your fridge that’s not dust.
  7. spills (a sponge with soap makes the whole fridge experience better).

another helpful hint: the most clutter-prone spot in your refrigerator is its door.  but you should limit the weight you put on your refrigerator door so that there will be less wear and tear on it. too many people make the mistake of dumping everything on the door compartments.

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  1. Minimalist Wannabe says

    I just did that yesterday! I also decided to use up some marinade that’s been in there for ages. I know this is not in the refrigerator department, but I also went through my spice drawer yesterday and threw away many that had expired. I could probably get rid of a few more that I hardly ever use. I have decided not to buy anymore ‘experimental’ spices, especially the ones the supermarket is pushing in their demos. I have no idea what I used celery salt for. Maybe you can have a fun thread and see how minimalist we can get with our spices!

  2. says

    I like this post and I’d like to suggest to the intrepid ones looking for the next challenge – could you do without a fridge at all? I thought about it for months and finally decided to let it go last August. I had to make a few changes in my routine, but now it’s easy and I never even think about not having one. Many cultures – in hot climates – live without refrigerators. For vegans it should be super easy.


  3. says

    Timely cleaning and take care of appliances gives them long lasting life and durability. The seven ways you described are really good to use . I also take care about these kind of tips to well keep my appliances .

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