7 things – your vehicle


vehicles can be tricky.  some people keep theirs very clean, and some very messy.  if you are the latter, here is a list of seven things that can be minimalized from your vehicle today:

  1. trash (obviously)
  2. napkins/kleenex (how many do you really need anyway?)
  3. pens/pencils
  4. coins (leave a few of each)
  5. cds (the ones you don’t listen to anymore)
  6. maps (just bring ’em when you need ’em)
  7. expired insurance/registration documentation

honorable mentions:

  • toys
  • coffee mugs
  • air fresheners
  • texting

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  1. A. says

    Nice post!
    On coins in the car: I would note that in the cities I frequent, most have meters that don’t take anything smaller than quarters, and I can also use the quarters for tolls. I don’t smoke, so I keep a stash of quarters hidden in the ashtray. No other coins allowed, since they don’t do any good!

    Also, I suggest you don’t leave any money visible: someone broke a window on my ex-husband’s car to get to a small amount of visible change.

  2. di says

    I always clean the car prior to going into the house. It’s so much easier to clean as you go along than it is to devote an entire day or more.

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