Help Me Write this Post: 8 things to look for in a job other than a paycheck

Will you help me write an upcoming article here at Becoming Minimalist?

Post an answer to this question in the comment section: What are some things to look for in a full-time job that are more important than the size of the paycheck?

Perhaps we will end with more than 8 and I will need to rename the post…

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  1. Monica says

    yes, for me also it is important to feel that i’m making a difference. once i’m bored of what i do, i know this isn’t the right job for me. people arround are important, because i’m with them 8 hours every day.

    i’m dreaming of a job that makes me give the best of me. and one that can give me the feeling of being alive

  2. wildmockingbirdgirl says

    whether you’re helping someone besides yourself.

    your conscience should be happy with whatever you’re doing. you should leave work feeling like you helped something, no matter how small.


  3. E.Li says

    The trust we can build (not only in ourselves).
    The things we can build (not only at our properties).
    The hope we can build (not only for our children)!
    What we leave behind should be as beautiful and enjoying as the journey&the work themselves… Finding a reason to enjoy even the hardest thing to do may reveal a totally unexpected reason for our lives! Giving something more than expecting may bring back so much more than a pay-check!

  4. Aitch says

    Minimalist answer: A shower.

    Cycle/run to work (saves $$), exercise at lunchtime etc, keeps you fit.

  5. cindylou says

    A beautiful, comfortable workplace that is an easy, stress-free commute. (Maybe I should just stay home).

  6. says

    What’s the work space like?

    I did this for a big radio job one time. Interview went well, then when asked if I had any questions I asked to see the work space.

    She led me to a large double office, with a table around the outside, with Dell computers lined up. Everyone worked shoulder to shoulder. No privacy whatsoever.

    I didn’t take the job.

  7. Kesa Carr says

    The ability to be able to financially help support others and yourself. Also, for me someday, the ability to go out and explore the world. Hello, Costa Rica..

  8. Sarah says

    It should be a place that you will make you happy, no matter what you are doing. You should at least somewhat happily motivated to get there. If you dread going to work everyday, what kind of life is that! Prestige should not be the only motivator. If you are highly educated and prefer to work at a checkout counter, then go for it! You can make differences in peoples lives wherever you go if your attitude is right! Should also be able to get there with very little if any gas consumption.

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