a fix of minimalism

i have been going through a bit of minimalism withdrawal lately.  over the span of 36 days, i will be in town for only seven – and those seven have been filled with visiting relatives, spending time with my kids, and meetings at work.  as a result, i have had nothing to report about my personal minimalism efforts (maybe you have noticed).  and even worse, i have been itching to get back to the job that i started 45 days ago.

luckily, this evening (friday) i was able to sneak in an hour of minimalization around the home.  i was quickly drawn to the storage room downstairs and went to work.  old toys, old knick-knacks, old books, old tools, and old boxes went flying.  4 large trash bags tied and ready for the dump later, i feel satisfied.  i have had my minimalism fix. 

i wonder what i would have said if somebody had me told when i was 21 that i would soon be spending friday nights celebrating the trash that i have collected…  oh well, maybe if somebody had told me when i was 21 to stop buying stuff, i wouldn’t be in this mess today.

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  1. Katrina says

    Becoming minimalist is very much worth it. I’m glad that you decided to embark on it. I have been doing it for a few months now, and it is an ongoing project to make it a lifestyle with all the consumerism out there. Just wanted to encourage you to keep it up. I will take some of your tips. You can visit my blog for tips as well. http://urbanminimalist.wordpress.com/


  2. says

    I think this “minimalist fix” is what I’ve been trying to grasp at. I’ve only been doing sections at a time and taking breask and quite often, while one area is tidy, when i step back; the whole room still loks as bad as it was. So I’m now focusing a bit more on those areas which draw my attention, which I’ve started to blog about.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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