a guide to creating a minimalist home

as i began to search on-line for help in becoming minimalist, i didn’t find a ton of helpful information – which of course doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it just may mean that i haven’t found it yet.

however, one article from zenhabits.net continues to pop-up in various search engines, blogs, and discussion threads.  it is appropriately titled, “a guide to creating a minimalist home” and will serve as our starting point for step-by-step instructions as we journey to become minimalist.

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  1. says

    I read the article. It has good advice, however there is one point Babauta keeps making that I totally disagree with and that’s color! “Subdued, solid color,” he says. Why? Can’t a minimalist lifestyle be achieved with bright colors and pattern? Color has a huge effect on my mood and I would soon become depressed in a home with only subdued solid colors. Way to reinforce the old sterotype that minimalist is boring!

    • di says

      I prefer soft pastel colors. My bedroom is pale yellow like sunshine, which I really enjoy waking to, especially if I’m not feeling well. My kitchen is a warm peach. The living room is off-white with dark upholstered furniture that doesn’t show every stain. The bathroom is a pale sea-green, which reminds me of the ocean.

      I like subtle colors, but tan seems depressing.

  2. Frank says

    Agreed Hailey. I think If I had nothing on the walls but solid colors and no art I’d go crazy. There’s minimalist and then there’s just silly. Maybe Leo needs to clarify that this is what he likes, but it isn’t necessary (unless, of course, he thinks it is).

    • di says

      I store a few items and display a few. When the seasons change, I like to change the decor – even if it’s a different set of dishes. It creates a feeling of progress, such as different episodes in life.

  3. Christine says

    As we go “minimalist”, we plan to keep similar decorating styles that we have now – light and airy with quilts!

  4. di says

    The image links on Zen Habits seem to be the most explanatory. There are so many things you can do without, which includes paying for empty space once you’ve decluttered.

    I love a studio apartment. It’s so practical and inexpensive.

  5. anji says

    In the past, as I was going thru the archives, there was a link at the bottom of each article to go to the next (or previous) one. This made going thru the archives much easier, without having to return to the archives each time and scroll down to find the next one. I hope you will put the links back!!

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