a pretty good reason why i became minimalist

we have a pretty big house… with a pretty big yard… and a pretty big shed in the back to house my wheelbarrow.  i need the wheelbarrow because we have some pretty big trees… which drop some pretty big sticks in the winter… which i need to spend a pretty good amount of time in the spring picking up. 

sometimes, i think i would make a pretty good daddy if i didn’t need to spend a pretty good amount of my saturdays picking up sticks in the yard. 

and the other times, i think i would make a pretty good daddy if i didn’t need to spend 50-60 hours /week trying to earn a pretty big paycheck to make the pretty big mortgage payments that are required to live in this pretty big house.

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  1. SA says

    I think you should bring your children so you can all pick up sticks together. Make it a family thing. I grew up on a farm and was expected to help out.

    Have to agree on the mortgage, though.

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