a statement i never thought i’d make

my in-laws are coming into town tomorrow from the midwest.  it is 10pm, and due to some immediate family matters, we had not begun getting the house ready for their arrival.  my wife was lamenting the chore ahead of us.  i turned to her and said…

“what do we have to clean?  we’ve gotten rid of everything.”

and i truly meant it.  it was a bit of hyperbole to be sure, but it is true that our home has become so clear of clutter that cleaning the whole house is not nearly the chore it used to be.

i guess that’s why i have time to sit here blogging right now, while she is finishing up.  uh-oh, here she comes.  i better g…

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  1. says

    LOL! That’s soooo us! My father-in-law came to visit last week and we had so little to do! It was awesome! I still did a lot of cleaning, but it was actually CLEANING — mopping, dusting, etc. — and not just hiding stuff under the bed or in closets. It felt great! And I love that now, even though I’m not uber-domestic, my husband and I can both keep things pretty clean now that there’s not lots of stuff to move out of the way first.

  2. says

    not to mention, how easy it is to keep the house tidy while they are here. clearing the kitchen and tidying up the living room takes just a few quick minutes and then i’m back to the conversation with hand. it’s way better than having to spend time away from them just to keep the house clean.

  3. Dante Iscariot says

    The other day my mother got a phone call that her boss was on his way to come see her. She was literally panicking about it. I thought “just send him up to my room and talk to him there, it’s spotless :D” Truly, it’s so much easier to be a minimalist, it makes you half way prepared for just about any unexpected thing, be it a guest, job opportunity, or whatever.

    • di says

      When my Aunt left me her home, it took me a year and a half to sort through everything. I gave more than half of everything to family members.

  4. says

    HA! I LOVE this. My parents come from Michigan to visit us in TX twice a year…and when they come this year, your story will be our story…nothing left to clean…well almost nothing lol. Thanks for sharing! It made me smile…and I shared it with my parents of course :).

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