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aggie recently shared her story of becoming minimalist with us through our share your story page. if you enjoy reading her story, you can read more about their journey at her blog: small-room.

i feel that in my heart, i’ve always been a minimalist. images and stories of simple spaces and lives have resonated deeply within me, and struck a chord of “that makes so much sense!” over the past five years, i’ve gotten married, started a family, bought a home, and sadly amid all the chaos, life has gotten very cluttered and out of control. it seems all areas of our life–physical, mental, financial–have just been muddled with bad decisions and messiness.

until recently.

the emergence of so many blogs about minimalism and simple living have encouraged me to come full circle. i’ve slowly started purging our home of all the unnecessary items that were just sapping us of our time and energy. i’ve implemented an almost paperless filing system, simplified and started tracking our finances to help up eradicate our debt, and gotten rid of countless household clutter.

it feels great. but also, overwhelming at times. i know it doesn’t happen overnight…minimalism is a process, not a finish line. it helps to find encouragement online and in books. i’ve found also that minimalism with two small children is challenging, but so rewarding when things are let go, and they don’t even miss them. i’ve found the biggest obstacle is family that can’t understand how i can “possibly get rid of one more thing”. thankfully, my husband, although unsure at first, now sees the benefit of letting go of those things that aren’t important in our lives.

i’ve started keeping a simple blog about our minimalist steps and have found that just journaling about our changes and passion is encouraging. minimalism is here to stay for us! it forces us to be mindful, and allows us to relax and appreciate the beauty in the simple things.

aggie, thanks for encouraging us. and keep at it – you won’t regret the effort.

if you have a story of becoming minimalist you would like to share with us (whether you’ve been living simple for years or just starting out), we would love to read it and share it with others.

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  1. Karen says

    Beautifully stated. My family has been on a similar journey, and it’s not an overnight process. I think the most challenging part has been recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all minimalism. What feels right to me may be too little, or even too much, for the rest of my family, so we compromise.

    Overall, the most effective tool for me in scaling down has been moving house. There is nothing like packing to shine a light on excess. Over the past five years, my family has relocated three times. With each move, we’ve pared back a little more, emphasizing quality over quantity. We still have far to go, but we’ve made amazing progress at creating a more meaningful life, based on relationships rather than material belongings.

  2. says

    We too have moved a lot and Karen you’re right it does help keep possessions pared down.

    Aggie, thanks for sharing your story. It’s an inspiration!

  3. says

    I so agree with this:

    “the emergence of so many blogs about minimalism and simple living have encouraged me to come full circle”

    After an inspired realization one day, I went through a big purge…but after my initial energy fizzled, I began finding blogs on simplicity and minimalism. People like Leo Babauta and Everett Bogue have been huge inspirations for me!

    Just knowing that other people went through and are going through clutter-purging towards more peaceful, simple lives is so comforting and inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing your story…and, just by the look of it and the few posts I’ve read, I like your blog! You have a new reader : )
    ] chloe [

  4. says

    Thanks Aggie for sharing your story. I too am trying to live a life of simplicity rather than complexity. Like someone else stated, moving helps keep things simple and we did that for many years. We now have been in our house for over 9 years so I have resorted to the next best thing….having parties. When you have your friends and family over you quickly realize what you can live without.

    I just had my birthday on Sunday and I received a few gifts that I know I will never use. I love the gift giver, just the gift is not for me. I will quickly donate the items and hope that someone else will put them to better use. I still have a vase that I got as a wedding gift, never used, don’t like it but I still have it. I think it is time to get rid of that as well :) I have learned to get rid of the guilt and only surround myself with items that I love and ones that make me happy, everything else needs to go.

    This is a process that is taking me some time to learn. Here is to being on this journey together!

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