another minimalist failure

i went to the mall today.  i needed a new shirt and pants for a big ordeal this coming sunday.

i walked into my first clothing store and was immediately confronted with a minimalist weakness: the end-of-the-season clearance rack.  i’m not sure why, but it gets me everytime – EVERY time. 

early on after our decision to becomg minimalist, i was discussing clothing with a friend who challenged my thinking.  “don’t fall into the trap of cheap clothing,” she said.  “you are far better off buying 4 things you really love at full price than purchasing 10 things you barely like on sale.”

every time i see a clearance rack, i specifically remind myself of that strategy.  and i think to myself that these items are on clearance only because nobody else wanted them.  all the good stuff is already taken.  and usually those thoughts help me keep my wardrobe a smidge more minimalist by keeping me away from the clearance racks.  except for today…

now i own 4 new shirts and 2 new pairs of pants… but i got them all for under $60.  now, which ones should i wear on sunday…. and where should i turn to find better wardrobe advice?

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