another step towards minimalism – our cars


it was such an easy move, i can’t believe i hadn’t thought to do it before.  i took every item out of my car and placed them in a brown paper bag.  after a thorough dusting/cleaning (easy to do with nothing getting in your way – see benefit #4), i returned only the items that i really need in my car.  and that’s not too many things when you get down to it:

  • title/registration
  • proof of insurance
  • an owner’s manual
  • a few coins for tolls
  • a pen
  • a few cd’s which store nicely out of sight

that’s it.  nothing else.  it feels so refreshing to drive in a car without clutter.  if you want a quick taste of the refreshing, stress-free life that is the minimalist life, start with your car and see how much better it makes you feel.  and then imagine that same feeling sitting in your living room.

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  1. says

    they make me feel important.

    actually, i have always had a irrationale fear of pulling up to a toll booth without any money. i can picture the attendee’s disgust, the cars honking behind me, fists in the air… i don’t even know what they do to those people. i’ve looked for a specific phobia type along those lines, but no such luck. for that reason, i keep coins for tolls. and they make me feel important…

  2. ellen says

    If you rip your CDs to iTunes, you can have all your CDs with you on your mp3. There is an inexpensive adapter that plugs into your cassette player if you don’t have an mp3 jack in your car. My kids love to be the DJ and pick songs to play while we’re driving.

    • di says

      There is also a memory device that plugs into your cigarette lighter and, via remote, broadcasts over your radio.

  3. Kelekona says

    Old post, I know, but still worth mentioning. I hope the spare tire and related paraphenalia is considered as part of the car. Out of my emergency roadside kit, I have used the towing rope, I would have used the first aide kit if I remembered that it was there, other people have needed my jumper cables and I consider it polite to have them if I need a jump. There was also a night where a flashlight would have been handy. Things like blankets and heating candles are clutter until I run off the road in the middle of winter.

  4. MaryB says

    Kelekona, I agree… I live in So Cal and have been through numerous disasters. I carry a large emergency kit with food, short wave radio, toilet paper, etc. I have used most of the stuff in there – even the little pick and shovel. I guess being able to live out of your car for a month is kind of a form of minimalism… :o)

  5. Mikaeel says

    I’d recommend you consider adding jumper cables and the likes to your car. I feel being minimalist shouldn’t overrule safety. You have children; I’m not sure where you live but at least here in new jersey especially in the winter its good to have a really good warm blanket in the car incase of a break down.

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