april 15 – when things get flipped upside down


april 15 is tax day in america where every citizen is required to fill out their forms and send in to the government any taxes due.  it’s an interesting feeling to fill out your tax forms.  it is one of those moments in life where everything gets flipped upside-down. 

for example: during the year i look forward to every paycheck and every bit of extra income.  but when i sit down to fill out my tax forms, i cringe at every bit of extra income that i received during the year (especially those i had forgotten about).  in the same way, making a charitable donation can be a difficult check to write during the year especially when money is tight.  but, on april 15th, i celebrate every charitable donation I made and often wish i had made more as each one slowly reduces my tax bill.

i can’t help but think that the end of my life will be much the same.  it will be another moment when everything gets flipped upside-down.  at that moment, i won’t care about how hard i had worked, i’ll just care about the time i spent with people and probably wish i had done more.  i won’t care how much money i made and the things i had bought… i’ll just care about the difference i had made and the legacy i have left.

tax day and deathbed are two moments in life when everything gets flipped upside down.  but there is one big difference between them: i’ll have to do my taxes again next year (unfortunately), but i only get one shot at this life (unfortunately). 

i encourage you to honor tax day today by spending some quality time with someone special. you’ll appreciate it when everything gets turned upside down… or is it right side-up?

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  1. says

    Thanks for your reminder about the way we live our lives. You’re right, at the end of my life I can’t turn my life upside, now, today are the days we need to life right side up. Love, care and compassion rather than the stuff you don’t take with you.

  2. says

    “I won’t care about how much money I made and the things I had bought.”
    I have enjoyed this blog for several weeks, and wanted to say so. I am now reading it from start to finish in my quest to make similar life changes.
    God bless!

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