Becoming Minimalist 3.0

Becoming Minimalist is newly designed with version 3.0.

Logo Design by Josh Davis.
Theme by Thesis.

Thoughts? Input?
Since we are still a work in progress, we’ll humbly take them both.

Joshua Becker

About Joshua Becker

Writer. Inspiring others to live more by owning less.
Bestselling author of Simplify & Clutterfree with Kids.

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  1. says

    Thesis is a good option for any kind of blogger, good choice, but to be honest, I like the previous theme just a little bit more. But it is still in progress, so I am gonna wait until it is done. Good luck with the work!

    The logo design is really nice, Josh Davis made good job.

  2. Balazs says

    Looks nice, though I can’t even remember how the previous theme looked, as I read the posts in Google Reader…

  3. says

    i like the text of the logo, just no the icon. seems to forced, like its a beacon, or rss symbol gone wrong. i see what you wanted to do here, but the minimalist in me says stick with the text that is becoming less.

  4. says

    I like the new layout, but why does the “about” page open a new window? Maybe that’s just a pet peeve of mine, but if I want a new window I prefer to open one myself.

  5. says

    I like the very clean look — and I especially like the white background, something I don’t have. And we don’t match anymore, which is probably good for both of us!

    I went back and looked at some of your older posts with this new theme. I do think this theme makes the main content area too wide. Eyes have to move too far to complete each line. Ideally, a line can be read with very minimal (there’s that word) eye movement, I think.

    Congratulations! I know changing themes involved lots more work than it appears. Something always comes out wrong.


      • says

        I think it is coming together nicely now. People will appreciate it more when you have a longer post up front that you have specifically formatted to look good with this theme.

        By the way, I like the logo. I do miss the tagline with the title, but the logo conveys the whole message.

        As a blogger, I would worry that the sidebar doesn’t provide enough opportunities for readers to be engaged beyond one post. As a reader, though, I like it cleaner.


  6. Cindy says

    I know how hard it is to come up with a clean and attractive logo, much less one that reflects your mission. I think this one does a great job of conveying movement toward a center and a distillation to what matters most, which I think is what your blog is all about.

    Right now the logo is darker on the left and lighter as you move to the center. My thought is this – if you are distilling toward that which matters most to you, then shouldn’t your symbol be moving from less focus to more and thus lighter to darker? However, maybe the thinking of the designer is that you are lightening your load so the center should be lighter? Just thoughts to consider.

    • josh_davis says

      Cindy – both options were considered as we (Joshua and I) looked at them in both ways. The idea was to go from a darker, busier, contrasted shade to a relaxed, calm tint — So your thought on our idea is correct.

      Either way could really be justified, and we concluded this felt more appropriate.
      Thanks for your feedback!


  7. Tracy Johnson says

    I don’t like it much, it is ignorable. I started reading your blog because the logo caught my attention. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think this one would.

  8. Antonio says

    It looks more like an online magazine and not like a blog and there is too much white space on the right side (unless you are planning to use for ads)
    I think I like the old theme a bit more. It was a bit more minimalistic and less cluttered.

  9. says

    I think it’s beautiful, Josh. I know from experience that in any redesign, many of your readers will hate the new look (some will love it). The blog’s design is a big part of the language between the blogger and reader, and when you change the design, all of a sudden it’s as if you’re speaking a foreign language. It’s not what they’ve become used to, and that’s jarring. They also grow used to it over time, and soon this new language is what they’ll want to see every time they come to your site.

    I love that most commenters here have thoughtful suggestions!

    • josh_davis says

      Well said Leo. I believe this new “clean” layout is very appropriate for the subject matter and I’m sure those who were used to the “old” layout will come to enjoy this.

      It was a pleasure to work with you in developing a logo for your blog.


  10. says

    Hey Joshua,

    I’d add a way to subscribe via email option in the sidebar next to the RSS feed. Many of our readers don’t know what RSS is, so it’s important to give them the email option.


  11. says

    What I liked about your old layout was that it wasn’t like every other minimalist blog that uses thesis as for the laytout, is white and plain. Don’t get me wrong, I like the white on most blogs – but I really liked that yours wasn’t the same damn thing as every other damn blog. honestly, I probably won’t read anymore because I’m add and can only handle so many damn white thesis blogs.

  12. says

    Hi Josh, Overall I like it. I like the new logo and color scheme. One minor preference is to list the pages in the sidebar without the “–”

    Nice work.

  13. says

    Love the logo!!!!

    Curious as to what prompted the change. Are you having a tightening of focus or a shift in focus, or is this simply an “upgrade” you feel is a natural part of progressing your blog?

    • says

      meg, it’s just a natural progression. the free theme that i was using in the past wasn’t going to offer the kind of technical support that i have found myself needing lately. other than web hosting fees, this is the first real financial investment that i have made into the site. and i felt that i had carried “free” as far as it was going to go for me.

  14. Joy says

    I’d like to see some larger pictures. People are visual creatures. Leave plenty of white, leave your new logo, but your posts will not get as many readers without larger, easy to see pictures.

  15. says

    I like the logo, a good visual description of what minimalism is. Is it just my screen or is the ‘t’ cut in half on purpose? I agree that it’s too wide. (maybe that’s my screen too) Perhaps a brighter typeface color and larger font size would help the add people and draw more people in. Ditto with pictures.

  16. says

    Liked the old look. I like to be able to read the whole article and not have to click through to “read More”. I do scroll back to catch up since I am a newer reader.
    And all the posts listings is not simple or minimal to me.

  17. says

    The look is very smooth and minimalist – but don’t forget that a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure that no photo is really _your_ minimalist style. Not everyone’s is the same. Some of your readers obviously feel very strongly about this.

    My blog has a photo because it represents what is important to me and because I know most web surfers (sorry, most humans) love pictures (in moderation).

    And is this pure white background? It is actually bothering my eyes a bit on extended viewing.

    1. Logo is lovely but the cut off t bar at the end REALLY bugs me
    2. Having your menu items floating, not lined up with the rest of your page, and with no highlighting except a slightly bigger (looks mismatched) font will stop people finding and using them
    3. Having periods after your phrase menu items is grammatically incorrect and looks strange – and terribly UNminimalist to add something that’s not needed if you don’t even dot an i!
    4. I really like being able to access all old posts from a list right on top, not another couple of clicks away.

    And most importantly
    I’m saying this cause I love your blog! Mwah Mwah!

  18. says

    To be honest, it boring. The `design’ is extremely plain and has absolutely nothing to set it apart from the plethora of other blogs. Although your previous theme was a stock free theme, it did still offer a level of uniqueness. No there is non, do something original!

  19. says

    One more thing, I see that you have removed the “your stories” page. The insight these stories offer adds varied point of view. They were one of the main factors that inspired be to give the whole voluntary simplicity thing a go.

    Although they can still be accessed in the archives, they are right at the bottom of the page an not at all obvious.

    (In the previous comment, `no’ should be `now’)

  20. Sue says

    Like one of the other commenters, I can’t remember what the old design was like, as I usually read your posts in Netvibes!
    I like the white background, but find the shades of grey a bit dull. Some colour would be nice. There’s minimalist, and there’s bland… (sorry)
    Photos are good if you have something relevant to the post. Internet is visual, you can’t always do it with just words. (funny how this is not true about books in the same way, hmmmm)

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