Becoming Minimalist in the News

Our desire has always been to inspire and encourage as many people as possible with the joyful principles of minimalism. Because of that, we are incredibly excited to be in the news today.

One of the leading newspapers in Romania, Evenimentul Zilei (translated: “The Event of the Day”) is currently running a story/interview on our family’s decision to choose minimalism. A special thanks to Oana Dan for the opportunity.

If you read Romanian, you can check out the original article here: Viaţa, redusă de la consum excesiv la fericire minimalistă

If you need the English translation, here it is via Googe Translate: Life, from Excessive Consumption to Minimalist Happiness (the Google translation is a bit difficult to read, but you can still get the main idea)

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  1. Oana Dan says

    Hey, I was just about to email that I ran the story and you were one step ahead :). The headline would be – life, from excessive consumption to minimalist happiness

    I started a facebook account and I had the link there. People liked it :)

    You really inspired me. Tonight I am decluttering and tomorrow I’ll donate all the unused towels, clothes, books, notebooks etc to people who need it.

    All the best, from sunny Bucharest,

  2. says

    Awesome! Sharing this message is so important, recession or not. We can all learn to be less wasteful, more efficient and live on minimal STUFF so we can enjoy maximum PEACE.

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