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When I wrote Simplify, my goal was to make the principles of minimalism attractive to the masses – to introduce others to the freedom that we have found by purging our possessions.

Because of that, I was overjoyed when Jeff and Natalie Kolok offered me an opportunity to share those same principles on their website: I knew it would be an exciting opportunity to introduce the growing trend of simplicity / minimalism to a whole new audience. I took great care to write an article that would not just introduce the concept, but would also specifically show parents how the principles of minimalism could help them raise their child with Type 1 Diabetes. It turned out fantastic! You can read my article on their blog: Parenting Diabetic Kids Blog.

Parenting Diabetic Kids is completely selfless and has become a valuable resource for parents of kids with Type 1 Diabetes. It is maintained by Jeff and Natalie who have two small children with the disease. Therefore, they completely understand the all-consuming nature of the disease. The site has been recognized by the Joslin Center for Diabetes as one of the top online resources in the field offering parental support. In addition, they have recently started a foundation called Slam Diabetes which has undertaken the unique mission of empowering families and kids with tools for empowered living until a cure for Type 1 Diabetes is found.

I have grown beyond the days of using this website to publicize all of my outside posts and interviews. However, this one felt different. I wanted to make you aware of this guest post because i hope it results in further publicizing their website to a broader audience too.

Would you consider helping me promote their fantastic website to parents of diabetic kids today? There are a couple of ways that you could help:

  1. Simply visit ParentingDiabeticKids today to see what they are offering.
  2. Spread the word via email directly to any friends or family who have been affected by Type 1 Diabetes.
  3. Spread the word indirectly through social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook. You just never know who may be in your extended circle of friends looking for this type of resouce.

Thanks everyone.

Joshua Becker

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  1. Cathy says

    I just find your blog amazing!!! I LOVE it!! Thank you for sharing your life and heart with us. Keep up the GREAT work.

    Blessings to you and your family,

  2. says

    I have just read your article on diabetes. I must say it´s an interesting approach. As long as parents are willing to become more minimalistic they will probably do become more effective in raising their child. And for the sakes of everyone in a much healthier way.
    Thank you for writing this interesting article.


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