Becoming Minimalist: Where I’m Speaking and What I’m Saying

This week kicks off a month of speaking engagements across the country. I will be in four different locations over the next four weeks and I wanted to let you know where you can find me.

Here are the details of where I’ll be (and what I’ll be saying) followed by various random personal thoughts:

  • World-Wide Web. Tuesday, September 14. Voice America Radio, 11am-12pm EST. My radio interview with Holly Berkley will not be a typical 8-minute segment on “You did what with all your stuff?” Instead, it will be an hour-long question/answer conversation on how minimalism in life can bring simple answers to complicated times and how it can offer new-found happiness and abundance to your life. To find out more or listen along, here’s the promo.
  • Omaha, NE. Tuesday, September 21. Christ Community Church. 7pm. As a part of their Double Your Impact Conference, I will be presenting a seminar based on our first book, Simplify. The seminar will certainly focus on the 7 principles to declutter your home and life. But it will also focus on the many practical ways that minimalism leads to a greater life of impact by freeing us up to pursue our greatest values. If you attend the church, you can register on-line. If you don’t attend the church but would like to attend the seminar, send me an e-mail… I’ll try to get you in.
  • Essex, VT. Tuesday, October 12. Essex Mothers of Preschoolers. 8:45am, 6:45pm. For my first opportunity to speak in my own hometown, I’ll be speaking to nearly 150 mothers of small children of how to embrace rational minimalism in a world of consumerism. I will be offering mothers practical advice to simplify their homes as well as arguing for the increased importance of it as they seek to intentionally parent their young children. Can’t wait!
  • Phoenix, AZ. Sunday, October 24. Journey Church. 9:00am & 10:30am. As part of a series titled “How to Not Waste Your Life,” I’ll be arguing against a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption and inviting them to embrace a lifestyle of simplicity and minimalism… for their own sake and for the sake of those around them. If you happen to live in the Phoenix area, I’d love to have you attend.


We cotinue to be proof that anyone can embrace minimalism. Two years ago, we were a typical, suburban family with two small children. Our home was full of stuff and our time and energy was consumed by it. One afternoon, after a conversation with my neighbor, we embraced a minimalist lifestyle. And we never looked back. We continue to consider ourselves proof that if this typical family can embrace minimalism, so can you.

Becoming Minimalist continues to be proof that anyone can make a difference and inspire others. Originally, this blog was only an afterthought. My extended family lives thousands of mile away from us. We started this blog (with no blogging, writing, or technological education) simply as a means to keep them updated on our progress. Since that humble beginning, we have had the privilege to inspire thousands (& thousands & thousands) of similar families around the world to pursue a counter-cultural lifestyle of minimalism. This website proves that the Internet has created countless opportunities for anyone to make a difference and inspire others.

I’m thrilled to be speaking at a number of churches in the coming month. I grew up in a church and continue to be involved even today. Churches ought to be championing a minimalist lifestyle that shifts our focus from things to relationships. Personally, I’m glad to see a number of churches embracing this movement and sharing it with others.

The invitation of minimalism is accessible to all. I find my variety of venues intriguing – each opportunity carries a  different purpose and  a different audience. I believe this is representative of the minimalist movement as it continues to grow in all different segments of the population.

Help others and your blog will grow. In December, 2009, Becoming Minimalist totaled 24,950 views. Last month, Becoming Minimalist totaled 425,855 page views. To put that into perspective, this website has grown over 1600% in the past 8 months alone! This can be attributed to one thing: I shifted my focus. The beginning days (first 18 months) of this blog were dedicated to my personal story. But several months ago, I shifted my focus and began writing articles that were specifically designed to help people. And people started to come, and stop, and read, and subscribe. Quick advice: If you want to grow your blog, write content that helps others.

Becoming Minimalist remains only a hobby to me. I still love my full-time job which gives me enormous opportunity to speak into high school students’ lives covering a wide range of topics. I still have no intention of giving that up. You can read more at, “How to Become a Successful Blogger and KEEP Your Day Job.

But apparently, I am available to do some speaking. Public speaking plays into my sweet spot as I have been speaking for a living my entire adult life. I have been speaking publically for over 12 years to audiences of dozens, hundreds, and thousands. If you are interested in contacting me about interviews or speaking, I can be contacted via email or twitter.

I am remembering again why I do this: to inspire others. Maintaining a successful, growing blog can be time-consuming. It calls for early mornings and some late nights. Sometimes I am asked if it is consistent with a simplified life… and sometimes those questions cause me to wonder. But I always return to the purpose of this blog: “Inspire people to live more by owning less.” This blog is not designed for me to make money or quit my job. It is designed to inspire you and your friends. And I don’t mind waking up early for that…

For that simple reason, I am again returning the price of Inside-Out Simplicity to $11.99. I bumped it up to $15.99 earlier this month for a number of good reasons. But I believe that price has prevented it from reaching some people’s hands. So effectively immediately, I am returning it to its introductory price of $11.99 indefinitely. Please Note – If you purchased the book in recent weeks at $15.99, send me an email with your purchase information and I will gladly reimburse you for the difference.

Last but not least, thanks so much for being a part of this journey with me. Your comments and conversations have taught me and encouraged  me. My life is richer because of knowing you. Whether it has been one time, a hundred times, or a thousand times, thanks for stopping by and journeying with me.

Joshua Becker

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  1. Melissa says

    Enjoy your time in Omaha. I love my city and it’s a gorgeous time of the year to visit (even if it’ll probably only be for a couple hours.)

  2. says

    So glad I found you! I read about many single men who take limited risk living the minimalist lifestyle (since they usually have less financial responsibilities to others), but I really want to read how families do it!!

  3. says

    It is awesome that you are reaching out to make a difference to others! I agree about churches. What would our churches be able to accomplish if the members and the staff/pastor adopted more of a minimalist mindset? Of course, it is not about ‘doing’ or ‘giving’ less, but about doing the important things and spending in ways that most benefit the true needs of people.
    I used to attend a church where the parking lot was full of $50K SUVs, yet our youth building could not be completed due to lack of funds. Something wrong with that picture?
    Thanks for sharing what is working for you and encouraging others to embrace minimalism to effect positive changes in their lives!


  4. Jennifer Wood says

    I am really looking forward to the interview with Holly Berkley! I have found several wonderful Blogs speaking about minimalism and simplicity in the last several weeks but I can really connect to your site because you have young children. We too are a family with two young girls (ages 8 and 5) and slowing embracing a more minimalist lifestyle. It is definitely more challenging I think when you have kids! I know if your family can do it… so can ours! Thanks so much for blazing the trail before us and inspiring us weekly with your Blog updates. Safe Travels! :)

  5. Grace says

    “But I always return to the purpose of this blog: “Inspire people to live more by owning less.” This blog is not designed for me to make money or quit my job. It is designed to inspire you and your friends.”

    And that in a nutshell is one of the main reasons I keep coming back :) I confess I am getting very cynical about the sheer number of minimalist buy-less blogs with affiliate programs trying to sell me something! Keep up the great work, and the fabulous realism.

  6. Anne says

    I’m thrilled to see that you’ll be speaking in Phoenix. Perhaps my husband and I can find a way to attend together while the kids play with a family member at home. I appreciate the fact that you’ve returned your e-book to its previous price because it has been on my list, and I was disappointed about the price increase even though I’m sure you had very good reasons for doing so. Thanks for your honesty!

  7. says

    Phoenix isn’t all that far from me, relatively speaking. If you’ve read my blog in the past week you’ll know I was in Phoenix last week hugging my son one more time before he left on a one year military deployment. Maybe I’ll have to visit my daughter in law the weekend of Oct 24. Thank you for continuing to focus your blog on inspiring and helping others. It’s a joy to read a ‘no obligation’ blog.

  8. says

    Can you try and get me and my husband a spot in a the Omaha church seminar. We live in Lincoln and would love to come to Omaha to see and hear you speak and hopefully pick up your book! I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Thanks! Simply, Lisa

  9. Pat says

    Congrats and best of luck on your new journey. Thank you, and to other minimalist bloggers, for helping to change lives for the better!

  10. Stacey says

    “Churches ought to be championing a minimalist lifestyle that shifts our focus from things to relationships. Personally, I’m glad to see a number of churches embracing this movement and sharing it with others.”

    That IS a very good thought. This is something that is written in the Scriptures. Keep on seeking first the Kingdom and all other things will be added to you. Jehovah our God takes care of the lillies, the sparrows, and He will take care of us if we put him first.

    We don’t need STUFF to keep us happy. Stuff just complicates things & weighs us down. Get rid of it all and we have time for Him and our families. Such good wisdom. Thank you for the encouragement in your blog to keep our focus simple.

  11. Heather says

    Recently got your Ebook on becoming minimalist. I am so excited and feel a similar pull and euphoria at the idea of simplifying my life! I have a sign in my kitchen that says “Simplify” as a constant reminder that stuff does not equal happiness. This Ebook has put in words the way I’ve been feeling for years, since having returned from two years of missionary work in Central America. Thank you so much!!!

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