belts! why didn’t i think of that?


i’m not sure how i missed belts the first time we minimalized our closet, but this past week when i switched out my warm weather clothing for cold weather, i noticed that they had never been minimalized.  i even had belts that i used to wear in high school still hanging in my closet.

i minimalized 10 belts to be donated to goodwill.  i left 4 in my closet (brown, white, and 2 black).

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  1. Ian says

    Could even go a step further. I have a nice Perry Ellis dress belt that is both black & brown leather. The brushed steel buckle is on a swivel that allows either side to show.

    My other is a adjustable nylon clamp-style belt (IE. no buckle holes) that I found at a goodwill store. Always the perfect fit and comes with a built in bottle open on the underside of the buckle. Genius? I think so…

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