benefit #15 – less luggage

it’s no small secret among those who know me best that when it comes to trips, i am a lousy packer.  i pack too much (and still manage to forget something).  our family of two adults and two small children (5 & 1 at the time) once took six large suitcases for a christmas vacation to family – and all six were delayed by the airline. 

but one of the unforseen benefits of becoming minimalist is that it has made packing for trips much easier and much lighter.  plainly stated, we just don’t pack as much stuff.  and surprisingly, our vacation wasn’t ruined by taking less items – it became more enjoyable.  less luggage to the car and through the airport, more room in the hotel rooms, and less time repacking to come home were just some of the things that made this summer’s vacation better by packing lighter.  and now that the airlines are charging extra for the second bag (and sometimes the first), it has also become cheaper as well.

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  1. Ceci says

    When i got my job as a flight attendant i discovered the joys of light packing.
    My rule is, if it doesn’t fit in the carry on, its not coming. As long as i have a sink to wash dirty clothes i am just fine.
    I must admit, this rule is stretched when i visit family…you can’t say no to 6 bottles of wine :)

  2. says

    Old post, I know, but I just found you so I’m reading everything.

    6 suitcases for 5 people?!!! Are you serious?!

    I have 4 children (ages 2-6). My husband, myself & all four children can pack into 1 medium sized suitcase. I can’t imagine lugging 6 suitcases around. Good for you for giving that up!!

  3. Sharmaine says

    On our last trip to Bali, my husband and I shared a small suitcase and our teenage children were only allowed to take whatever could fit in their hand luggage (7kg). We would have liked to have taken carry on luggage for ourselves as well, but with the airline regulations of no liquids over 100ml in hand baggage, we had to check those in. I guess that was made easier as all you need in Bali are shorts, T-shirts and swimmers.
    We have a trip planned to Rhode Island (from Australia) in July, and are aiming for 7kg for each person as well. We may try to only take hand luggage as we can buy toiletries when we get there. The added benefit is that your luggage can’t get lost by the airlines and you don’t have to wait with everyone else around the carousel!

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