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cameron shared her story of becoming minimalist through our share your story page.  this is her story:

This is less of a story about becoming minimalist and more of a thank you. I’ve recently begun reading this blog and it has slowly infected every corridor of my thoughts. I will begin my junior year at the University of Wisconsin this fall (’09), and becoming minimalist has made me realize that the mantra of ‘less is more’ holds a lot more weight (no pun intended) than is apparent. Over 20 years of life, baggage and clutter has slowly piled on, weighing me down and effectively smothering me. By minimizing my life, I can focus on what’s ‘real’ to me. I can focus on family, art, and adventure: three things that give my life meaning. That’s minimalism for me, but I’m sure it is infinitely more to any given person. Thanks for the insight.

thanks for sharing your story with us cameron.  may you find more joy focusing on the ‘real’ things than you ever thought possible.

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