causes of clutter – security

while it is reasonable to have a desire to create a home that serves your needs, there comes a point where the motivation to acquire things goes off track.  we realize that our current possessions are not providing the security that we long for and we begin to accumulate more and more.  advertising, whose sole purpose is to convince us that we need to purchase more, is deliberately designed to play on our insecurities and convince us that their product will bring about the security that we desire. 

but here’s the problem: the reason we never feel fully secure in our possessions is because possessions can never provide true, lasting security.  all possessions are temporary – they will all perish, spoil, or fade.  and thus, can never fully provide the security that we desire.

security in life must be found in knowing who you are, what you are here to do, and who is caring for you.  i suppose that’s why religion is important in so many people’s lives.  spirituality begins to answer some of those questions… and it doesn’t require a plastic storage bin to provide that security.  

if you are accumulating more and more possessions for the purpose of finding security, i suggest you begin to look elsewhere because you’ll never find security in something you can put on a credit card.

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  1. di says

    So true. I like my heirlooms, because they remind me of the people in my life that gave me the most love and security.

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