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it wasn’t too long ago so i still remember the conversation vividly. i told my mom that we had decided to become minimalist. she called me back a few minutes later to report that she had talked to my uncle who was intrigued with the notion. he had gone straight to his computerto google “minimalism,” but was dissapointed in the results. he wanted more information. i said to myself, “i’ll give him more information. i’ll start a blog about we’re doing.”

i saw several benefits to starting a blog about our journey to become minimalist:

  1. it would keep us accountable. even if i didn’t know who the readers were, i’d still feel accountable to follow through with the decision to become minimalist because “people are reading.”
  2. it would encourage others. reading about our journey towards this better life would surely encourage other to do the same.
  3. it would serve as an on-line journal. a fun way to look back and see where we’ve come.

as this blog goes over 10,000 hits today. i’m reminded of the many unforseen benefits that have come along with its creation.

  1. i’ve gotten to meet new people – albeit, only digitally. nevertheless, i’ve gotten to meet many like-minded people through the comment sections of the blog. people i never would have met without it.
  2. i’ve been forced to think through minimalism on a deeper level. creating a blog post takes effort. it takes thought to write down what you did, how you did it, and why you did it.
  3. i’ve been encouraged myself. what began as a desire to encourage others has become an encouragement to me. thanks for everyone who has visited and posted comments. they have helped in our journey to become minimalist.

thanks again for stopping by.

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  1. Michelle Summers says

    Cheers! Numbers 1,2, & 2 again on your lists have help kept myself, husband and (unbeknownst) children inspired and motivated.
    When my husband threw out the “minimalist” word on 5/28/8 – I too hit Google to get a full comprehension on what I was aiming for – that’s how I found you…
    Thank you for sharing your journey, tips and thoughts with us. I enjoy and look forward to reading your blog daily. Thank you!

  2. Christy says


    Best wishes and thank you for sharing your ongoing journey to simplicity.

    I haven’t written my experience down (Except in the comments here LOL), but it is so affirming and satisfying to meet a similar family with similar goals and train of thinking.

    We spent our annual family trip in a cabin in the forest this weekend. It struck me when I was chilling with a java on the deck this morning, that everywhere our society wants to vacation/relax…hotel, rv, cabin etc…it is always minimal and tiny. There is little storage, no excess, only necessity.

    My goal is to continue this journey so my home is the same way.

  3. Amy Bowman says

    10,000 hits! that is great! I have loved reading and have learned much from you. I have yet to commit to calling myself a minimalist, but I love the feeling of getting rid of stuff we don’t love or need, and saving money! Its also been fun to know how you and your family are doing. Todd says hi!

  4. says

    I’ve started reading your blog from the start and love it. Even though it’s years later, just want you to know that someone is still reading. I especially like how you link how the life we are to have in Christ is not compatible with consumerism. I’ve started awhile ago on “unstuffing” our lives are we are still in the process. One step at a time.

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