checks in the mail

there are few things better in life than finding money. 

we were pleasantly surprised this afternoon to open the mailbox and find money in it.  specifically, there was a check from a local children’s clothing consigment shop.  over 6 weeks ago, we dropped off a box of outgrown children’s clothes.  we had both forgotten about it until we opened the mail today to find the check.  it had been mailed at the month’s end.

 we’re not going to retire on the earnings, but it was still a pleasurable surprise.  turning clutter into money is one of my favorite things about becoming minimalist.  i highly recommend it!

you can read more about selling your own clothes at a consignment shop here.

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  1. Laura K. says

    I really enjoy your site and just want to say “Thank You.” It’s been encouraging me to “minimalize” my own home.

  2. di says

    Our town has several different kinds of shops. We consign crafts, tools, housewares, furniture.

    It’s easy enough to take a few things into town while we do our errands.

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