cheers to me?

does my decision to become minimalist mean that i can’t buy this cd?  because it just might be really helpful when i need some applause…

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  1. Christy says

    Good to see you back. Are you still attempting minimalism? I’d love to hear how your journey is going and how you guys handled Christmas.

    Best to you!

  2. says

    @christy – we are still attempting minimalism. however, i will admit that i feel like i hit “a wall” of some sorts. i have gone through each room (the kitchen and basement were the last two and the most difficult) but i still look around my house and feel cluttered. i know there is less clutter than 6 months but it still feels too much – i’m starting to realize this job may never end.

    and christmas was difficult. after months and months of decluttering, we brought home piles and piles of stuff for ourselves and our kids from our extended families. it’s just a bit discouraging to look around and feel so far away from what i pictured being a clutter-free home forever. i guess i should have known better.

    i’m still onboard. and still hoping to use the blog as my personal journal, an opportunity to encourage others, and hopefully bring out a smile every so often. thanks for asking.

    • di says

      Try presenting a Xmas list to relatives. Ask for practical gifts, such as a gift certificate for groceries.

      Ask that others limit one toy per child.

      Try Secret Santa with the adults where everyone picks a name from a hat and buys one gift for another family member.

  3. Christy says

    Don’t get discouraged – I’m over a year in and I still think I’m over-run some days with stuff. Children seem to bring so much and it feels like it never ends.

    Just remember all you’ve done and that life is a marathon, not sprint. The perfect houses in the magazines are show homes and no one lives there! ;o)

    Hang in there and come back soon!

  4. di says

    Looking around from room to room can be daunting.

    Instead, just construct a list of what you do want in the room. For example, the toy room should only have a dozen toys for each child, the clothes closet should only have a dozen outfits or the kitchen should only have a dozen pieces of large kitchenware.

    At times, choosing a number may be easier than looking at every individual item and deciding whether to keep it.

    Keeping an item, also means that it will take up more of your time and money. Choose items that are the best quality, easiest to clean and maintain.

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