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this past week, christine shared her personal story of becoming minimalist on our “share your story” page.  i found her story to be both challenging and encouraging as we continue to become minimalist ourselves.   i wanted to give you an opportunity to read it as well.  and so with christine’s permission, here it is:

I’ve always liked the idea of having less “stuff” around.  However, I was truly enlightened during a particularly stressful week at work.

I’m a 26 year old insurance agent.  I’d been working with clients on their policies and couldn’t get over the greed that consumed so many of them.  I had a client call me up to complain about her insurance prices and in the same breath she asked me to quote her a new BMW.  Another client was obsessed with insuring every belonging he and his wife had – jewelry, furs, antiques, paintings, etc.  And it just clicked in my head:  I didn’t want my husband and I to become these people.  I wanted to live without the stress of owning so many unnecessary belongings.  I wanted freedom of stuff!

Since that moment, I’ve been going through my small apartment and “minimalizing”.  I’ve always been organized and not much of a pack-rat, but you’d be surprised at how much you have that is hiding in drawers and closets!  I went through my jewelry and got rid of everything I’d never wear.  I brought the gold I didn’t want to a jeweler and sold it.  Ebay has been fantastic for the other items.  I keep making sweeps through the rooms in my apartment to see where else I can minimalize.  I’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s been great so far.

One of the perks is that in my attempt to become more minimalist I’ve stopped shopping almost completely.  I plan on wearing out the clothes/shoes I have before buying anything new.  I don’t even think about shopping much at all anymore.  My husband has really started getting into my new lifestyle choice – it’s great to have him on board!

I just think that it’s a great way to live.  I carry less in my bag when I go places.  I have less material things to worry about.  I don’t feel “consumed with consumerism”.  It’s vindicating!

thanks for sharing your story, christine.  may it encourage others as it has encouraged me.  and may you continue to find “freedom from stuff.”

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  1. Martin says

    Thank you for this inspring story! Moving into a new apartment gives me the chanve to do the same too. I think a thorough minimalism spree will result in loads of ebay-items or stuff to throw away

  2. Christine says

    Martin, thank you so much for your comment! I wish you the best of luck in your minimalizing! (Selling on ebay has really become a good thing for me -it’s amazing what you can sell!)

  3. di says

    Wearing clothes until they wear out vs wearing the most fashionable sounds like a good idea for everyone. Retro is always in!

  4. says

    Very inspiring story.
    I’ve also come to really desire not becoming one of those who has to have the expensive stuff, and a lot of it. It just costs too much and is such a waste. I’ve always been turned off by waste.
    In my closets I’ve set aside about half my hanging clothes (half my shirts and more than half my dockers) either in a garment bag or simply on another section where I don’t normally reach for. I am committed to using only what I held out for using up until those shirts and pants are worn out. Then I’ll bring back something to replace it, one for one. Some items I plan to send to Goodwill when my wife finally realizes I don’t need them.

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