d is for dark knight?

this evening, my whole family was helping my 6-year old with his kindergarten homework.  they were asked to make a “d” poster for his classroom.  if you have ever had a kindergartner in your home, you can imagine the scene…  scissors, glue sticks, construction paper, and magazines scattered all over the kitchen table as my son flipped through magazine pages trying to identify words that started with the letter “d.”

i am excited to report that he did a great job.  dog, dinosaur, dishes, doll, dora – he was on a roll and i was impressed with his spelling skills, his cutting talents, and glueing technique.

but he really stopped me in my tracks when he turned a page and proudly declared, “oooh.  dark knight.  d is for dark knight like in batman.”  obviously he was correct and proceeded to cut and paste (the old school way) the dark knight joker to his kindergarten “d” poster.

as we put on his pajamas, brushed his teeh, tucked him into bed, and gave him a kiss later that evening, i couldn’t help but wonder, “how does a 6-year old know about the pg-13 rated dark knight anyway?”  we certainly didn’t introduce him to the show.  has hollywood already captured his attention?  has the marketing machine that is america already entered the head of my 6-year old boy?  obviously it has.  it’s just tough when you finally realize it. 

good luck son.  and may we wisely teach you to navigate the commercialism of america.

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  1. Frank says

    I can see him identifying the Joker. After all, there are cartoon and comic versions of the Batman mythology aimed at younger kids. Not so sure about knowing the term Dark Knight. Although I’ve been a Batman fanboy most of my life, having grown up watching the animated series, I didn’t know about Batman’s nickname until I really started delving into the mythos in my teens.

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