for the first time ever, i put some items up for sale on ebay.  my wife is planning a huge garage sale for next saturday (june 7) so that we can start getting rid of some stuff in our house.  my mom has been selling things on ebay for years and has been consistently telling me to try it.  so, finally, i did.  the thought process was, “if i can sell it for more on ebay, then i should sell it on ebay.”

i’m starting simple – some children’s shoes.  easy to part with (they don’t fit), easy to describe, and apparently “they always sell.”  you can track all of our ebay sales right here as we continue to become minimalist.

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    I’ve been an ebayer for years, but haven’t listed anything for sale in months. I need to get going on this. We have a ton of kids clothes that are just stacked in our garage. Thanks for the nudge.

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