finally getting started for the garage sale

we finally started getting ready for our garage sale this weekend by going through one of our closets.  i pulled out 39 shirts, 9 ties, and numerous pairs of pants.  my wife threw up some similar numbers (although not quite as big).  we have purged our closets before (2 boxes of donations are still sitting in my basement), but this time it was much easier to decide to get rid of clothing.  instead of my typical “well…i might wear that again” response, i opted for a more minimalist “i don’t need a shirt that i never wear around my house” approach.  nothing to it.  they’re just waiting for sticker tags now.

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  1. Velisa Takle says

    Im having a free Garage sale tomorrow…. I have 3 kids , No husband and I do not need all the things I have

    I want to bless others and I pray God helps me to clear out everything I do not need
    I HATE having too much stuff… It makes me tired!

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