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haley shared her story of becoming minimalist through our share your story page.  this is her story:

I am 27 and was fortunate to become a home owner at the age of 21, my husband and I bought a small 2 bedroom house. Two years later we decided to continue on with the “American Dream”, we sold that house and bought a house more than three times the size of the first. Many things about it are great but I have had the hardest time keeping our house as clean and organized as I would like and it was quickly filled with furniture and stuff. Then to add to it, I found myself receiving a lot of my Mom’s possessions after she passed away two years ago.

I still find myself missing that small house where everything had a place and if it didn’t have a place it didn’t stick around, so for the last year or so I have been slowly trying to minimalize a 2200 square foot house and part with things that are unnecessary or that I am only keeping because of emotional attachments so I can keep up with the maintenance it requires and not spend all of my free time doing so.

It has been freeing to sort through our possessions and be more aware about what we spend money on and bring into our home. I am finding that all of the things that people think they want can be overwhelming when obtained. I truly believe it is best to live with less clutter and less stuff to clean around and spend more time relaxing, living and enjoying the little bit of free time we do have.

I stumbled upon this site by way of Zen Habits and am now a frequent visitor, reading the stories and the tips helps me to continue on with becoming a minimalist, thank you!

thanks for sharing your story with us haley.  may others find more time to live from your story.

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