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here at becoming minimalist, we love sharing stories of everyday people who have decided to begin living a minimalist life.  we truly enjoy sharing in their stories.

recently, heather shared her story with us through our share your story page.

I never like clutter nor disorganization. I grew up in a home that was packed the gills. It was a chore just to get one thing out of a drawer, closet or to keep it looking neat.

When I turned 18, I took my mom up on her “…well, when you turn 18, it’s your life…” speech she had been telling me for years. I purged 95% of what I owned, donating it to charity and sat down to try and think about what I wanted out of life.

I never felt like I fit in with others who were on the materialistic, consumer driven lifestyle wagon. It was expected of me to join in and start buying and going into debt for it all and that I somehow was supposed to find it fun. I did not.

I joined the military at 21 and after bootcamp, my entire life’s possesions fit into one large duffle bag, a back pack and tote. I love it!! I live in a 3 person room and had a wall locker, bunk, and one drawer in the shared bathroom. I learned about quality over quantity. I lived on a meager $250 a week and still managed a wonderful life.

I married a few years ago and married a disorganized clutter bug BUT with my encouragement (and occasional SECRET..shhhh. purging sprees), I have pared down our things to what I feel are now the essentials. It has taken me 3-4 years, with the last year being in the use it up, wear it out and don’t repurchase unless an absolute need catergory. Hubby really doesn’t miss anything I sold or donated and I am happy because I am not spending hours cleaning, picking up and organizing.

We have our main goals in life in focus- family, college, careers, travel…the rest is not important…and living a minimalist lifestyle lets us do the things we love, love, love!!! : )

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  1. Christine says

    I loved reading your story! I too am in the use it up, wear it out, and don’t repurchase it stage! Excellent way to put it! Best of luck to you :o)

  2. Heather says

    Wow, Heather, that’s kind of eerie. Besides sharing the same name, I also enlisted in the military at 21 (I’m now 28). I returned from deployment and got out of the Army last year, but have yet to tackle the truly formidable piles of papers (orders, counseling statements, quarters authorization, etc) that have invaded my life as a result.

    Glad to hear that the minimalist life is working so well for you!

  3. Heather says

    I just came back to re-read my input. Amazing to see how far I have come in a few years~!! Heather- that is quirky but cool. : ) I have a binder for the important things- DD214, orders, anything that pertains to my training, advancement, etc and I purged the rest.)

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