holiday gift combos i don’t need

just in case some of you were planning to get me something for the holidays, here are a few combination items that i do not need:

the taser/music player holster:


the car rear-view mirror/monitor display with up to 3 inputs:


the mp3 player/toilet paper dispenser:



although if somebody were to invent an mp3 player/toilet paper dispenser with a built-in monitor/taser, i would be interested in receiving that this christmas.

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  1. Luis Oliveira says

    The real questions are:

    1. isn’t the mp3 player/toilet paper dispenser with a built-in monitor/taser dangerous?

    2. Why, oh why would you want the combo at this precise (the toilet) time?

    3. What other attractive colors they have for the taser?

    4 Is the holster real leather? Do they carry it in a leopard skin pattern? Alligator? Zebra?

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