how to defeat clutter by msn

last week, published an article titled “7 tips for beating clutter forever.”  you can go read the whole article or quickly scan the key points right here:

  1. start with the easy stuff
  2. set small goals
  3. give everything a home
  4. give yourself permission to let go
  5. deal with clutter hotspots
  6. declutter daily
  7. be a good gatekeeper

i found the article particularly encouraging because each of those 7 tips have already been clearly articulated here at becoming minimalist (you will notice the links above).  either 1) msn experts are getting their material from me or 2) we have been on the right track over the past 7 months. 

i prefer to think #1, but either way, it’s an encouraging sign for a self-taught minimalist.

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