How to Live with 100 Things

A couple of weeks ago (June 1), I posted a story about Dave Bruno who has committed to┬áminimizing his personal possessions to only 100 things. Apparently, he’s started a movement around the country of people trying to do the same. You can read the Time magazine article right here.

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  1. robo57401 says

    Wow, is that impressive. Looks like you could start a new TV reality show for home and business alike. Keep saying I need to start doing this in my life (at least on some small scale someplace)…..

  2. Frank says

    I’m graduating from college at the end of this academic year and attempting to do this for ease of moving if nothing else. Of course, I’m kind of cheating since one of my 100 things is my library, which is 100-150 items unto itself.

  3. says

    I m getting on really well with getting rid of most of my stuff except my book s. They are rare books not available online and I use them for historical research. However maybe I can cheat a little and not count my books as they belong in my office(which I dont have!)Now I can try to cut down all my other belongings to the bare minimum and maybe just lock those books in a bookcase and call it “my office”.

  4. White_Tara says

    I know this is an old post, but the topic seemed fitting:

    Living with only 100 posessions seems to extreme for me (as I’m sure it does to many others), but I wanted to bring attention to the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge. which I first read about here:

    In this challenge, you get rid of 100 things. It’s a good place for a beginner to start, I think…it’s where I started. I surprised myself because when I started it I though “This is going to be hard…” but then made it all the way to 72 things without even breaking a sweat. I was also dismayed by how much junk I had…the operative question I asked myself repeatedly was, “Have I used this in the past year?” and over and over again the answer was, “No…no…nope…uh, uh…” I even had birthday gifts from last year that were still in their packages. (Apologies to my friends, but some of them don’t know me as well as they think you do!! >_<) My Reverse 100 Things challenge has turned more into a 500+ Things Challenge.

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