how you got here

here are the top search terms that led readers to the becoming minimalist website during the month of june:

  1. becoming a minimalist
  2. minimalist living
  3. minimalist
  4. minimalist office
  5. benefits of becoming a minimalist
  6. minimalist lifestyle
  7. live a minimalist life

we are now google’s top result for the following search terms:

  1. benefits of becoming a minimalist
  2. where to start being a minimalist
  3. being a minimalist in america
  4. become a minamalist  (spelled incorrectly)

others got here with the following search terms:

  1. benefit 3
  2. guynameddave
  3. 9th wedding anniversary
  4. office worker goes crazy
  5. office clean up day ideas

this kind of stuff really intrigues me.


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