ideas that take minimalism too far?

the ultimate wheel.  available at


the blank keyboard. available at


the minimalist pendulum clock.  available from japan.


ideas that take minimalism too far?  or beautifully modern?  the real beauty is that you get to decide.

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  1. says

    The ultimate wheel could be called the ultra minimalist car. It’s a wheeled vehicle that can get you from point A to point B. Sounds like a car to me.

    Really though, it is probably taking minimalist too far :) Who could actually use it to move? Very few, and uncomfortably to be sure.

    • di says

      For example, try public transportation, a small handheld computer or use the clock on your computer.

      We don’t always need to buy a large or multiple products that serve the same purpose.

  2. di says

    Try smaller or less items, such as:

    A studio apartment.
    Recessed lighting.
    Short curtains.
    Under-counter appliances.
    A sofa bed.
    A folding shelf to dine or study.

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