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Passing by a mountain stream, I once beheld an unfortunate tree log, which, having been cut down and shot down the side of a hill into a stream, thus to be sent on down the stream to find its way to the mill pond, had unfortunately come too near a strong whirlpool which caught it up and ever whirled it back again.

Down came the log with apparent vigor and intent each time, and it seemed certain that it would drive onwards in the course designed for it; but each time it swirled round and was sent back again. Ever and anon, it came with greater force, described a wider arc, and surely now, I thought, it will shoot down on its way; but no, it paused for a moment, felt the influence of its fatal eddy, and then returned with the like force it had come down with.

I waited and waited; groups of holiday-making people passed by me, wondering, I dare say, what I stayed there to see. Unmindful of any of us, the trapped log went on performing its circles. I returned in the evening. The poor log was still there, busy as ever in not going onwards; and I went upon my journey, feeling very melancholy for this tree, and thinking there was very little hope for it.                      -Arthur Helps

Today, stop letting <insert your personal whirlpool here> keep you from moving onward in the course designed for you…

Joshua Becker

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