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I’m not sure of the weather in your area, but here in Phoenix we are experiencing a rare Fall rainstorm with cool temps and 36+ consecutive hours of rainfall. The weather outside will force us to slow down just a bit and enjoy some later mornings this weekend. I don’t know if your forecast will do the same. But if it does, you may enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of coffee or tea and some of these hand-picked articles to inspire simplicity in your life.

There are many wonderful people pursuing and promoting simplicity. And it’s a privilege to help support them and encourage others at the same time.

The Necessary Art of Subtraction | Zen Habits by Leo Babauta. Continual addition isn’t sustainable or desirable.

Packing Light and Unloading the Excess Baggage in Your Life | Brian Gardner by Brian Gardner. I’m a firm believer that far too often we miss calls in our life because we’re too busy, or because we simply have too many things on our plate.

Costs and Benefits of Awareness | The Minimalists by Ryan Nicodemus. Whenever we make radical changes—diet, exercise, career, etc.—we shine a spotlight on our flaws.

If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You are Part of the Problem | The Matt Walsh Blog by Matt Walsh. Honest, challenging, and humble. I appreciate this article very much.

The Gift of Not Giving A Thing | Yummy Mummy Club by Christella Morris. To spend some time with a family member or friend would mean so much more to them than another toy this holiday season.

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  1. says

    Hey Joshua — just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks so much for including my post on your weekend reads list. Most of the credit should go to Allison Vesterfelt and her book Packing Light, which is making a world of difference in my life and inspired what I wrote.

    Now off to read the other posts you listed here!

  2. says

    I’m so glad these blogs are advocating not purchasing anything for Black Friday (and Christmas). I find that after the frenzy of buying stuff for people, the holiday kind of goes stale, because we are focusing on the wrong things. Once, I stopped purchasing gifts for these holidays, and just focused on spending time with family, all the stress disappeared. I was able to enjoy the holiday more and I worried less about whether my family and friends would like their gifts. Even for birthdays now, my siblings and I have a rule of only going out for dinner and no gifts. The time we spend together out of our busy schedules is so much better than any gift.

  3. Sarita says

    On our third day of lovely life giving rain in the Southern California desert. Making cinnamon toast to eat while reading these missives. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. says

    I have simplified my life a LOT in the past 6 months. It feels good but there is so much more to do. Getting a good deal on something is different than not buying anything to begin with. What I mean by that is I just bought some clothing online (I hope it fits). I live in Central America but have a hard time finding things here. My clothes that I brought down with me were seriously not the type to wear here… thick jeans and capris… (not made out of thin material). So to be comfortable I purchased some cotton clothes.

    I could have made do without — but I did spend less than $50 and am receiving 2 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts and 7 shirts. And that is including shipping :)

    So… hopefully I won’t have to shop again for a year or more.

    I think that since I am a beginner to this minimalism, as long as I have the right tools needed for the job (lighter clothing for this new climate) I don’t need anything else. I am good. But in the future I will learn to make do… baby steps for me :)

  5. Eva says

    “Costs and benefits of awareness” by Ryan Nicodemus is interesting as his texts always are. It is not every time because of the subject, but because of his way of writing gives me a feeling that he is a humble person and that gives me hope! Humility offers peace. I guess awareness is a great part of humility.

    And a bit off topic perhaps…the more I read about and move towards a minimalistic direction, the more I recognize that it is often (to often!) easier to get rid of, to say no to, to eliminate, to subtract than to know what you really want instead and do or make the things happen that you know you want. Courage does not just pop up when I have emptied my life of things not needed. The good things do not jump up in my face without some serious work and without really knowing the deepest wants.

    I really do not believe that humans can themselves, not even with help of others, meet the very deepest needs in life. Today it is popular to “heal yourself” and it it is even required of you to be independent. That is pride. Well in many ways you can of course do this naturally, but there will always be a limit. We need someone higher than ourselves, otherwise I think we are helpless. I hope minimalism will not ever become a religion for manmade “self-luck”.

    I see minimalism as a tool. It helps but does not fix everything. I am confindent that it will not make me happy. Minimalism is not God. Minimalism is a helpful tool to be able to receive and give life in a fruitful way.

  6. Erlyn says

    Hi Joshua, I’ve been reading your blog for almost a year now, I’ve learned a lot and it opened my eyes to a new world called minimalism and simplicity. I really like and appreciate your weekend reads. You are a blessing, thank you so much!

  7. says

    I love your weekend links. Thanks! I have been browsing through your blog for the last couple weeks and you have inspired me. I walked into my one-messy-storage room today to find it clean and uncluttered. My monthly bill has been cut in half because I am no longer “spending to spend.” Thank you for writing in this space and sharing your wisdom. Your words are appreciated.

  8. Coco says

    I did not know you were in Phoenix? I am in Show Low and we got snow over weekend. What a nice reminder of what real beauty is. Thank you for the weekend reads, I enjoy them!

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